Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alberta's History on Conservative Political Parties.

The Alberta Conservatives have been in power for 40 years.  They cannot be investigated by the RCMP unless given permission to do so by the Attorney General of Alberta!  Because of this they dip into whatever funds are in their control at will.

Municipal and Union Pensions are used for finance purpose but, no details are given out as to what the lending rates are; if any.  Conservatives have long thought and often alluded to the fact the Provincial Pensions are too fat (not for the elected officials, just the rank and file workers)  I would bet money on the pension funds being underpaid by cheap lending!  This is why they will not allow a Federal Securities Presence in Alberta.

There is no accountability, they work completely beyond the law!  If there happens to be money left over they find a way to shuttle it into the pockets of the oil companies.  Your kids and your futures are not their problem or concern.

Their score board:

Heritage Savings and Trust shorted of 700 billion dollars by freezing profits at 5% taking everything above and putting it into General Revenues to be spent as taxes while bragging the cheapest taxes in North America.  This is money that could have saved your homes.  Think of that when the massive layoff comes after the election.

Changing the electricity to their "Market" model.  The divesting of the power lines from the power companies was done by an instrument named Power Purchase Agreements and worked under the acronym of "PPA"  The initial cost to Alberta Taxpayers was 7 billion dollars in material loss. 

The Government asked for public bids on the PPAs and bidding was done.  Who bid what was never divulged.  It is reported the PPAs were flipped as many as three times while insides picked up millions in money handoffs all this adding to the price of electricity.

Some generation was not as popular as others  The high price of gas making the difference so the insiders didn't want this.  They were picked up the Power Corporation, the principal  company of Great West Life, ushred by Don Mazankowski, insider. http://www.powercorporation.com/en/about/organization-chart/

How much the Power Corporation was paid for buying up these unwanted PPAs and sitting on them has never been divulged.   Mark down the inside number of 7 billion dollars.

These past 5 years nothing has been collected for royalty. Loss to Alberta on that I would place at 5 million dollars inside.

Oil Discounts 30% going back 10 years. Going though the door the price was set at either WTI or BRENT which ever was lowest less 30%   That is mind boggling!  I place it at 3 trillion dollars a year or 30,000,000,000,000  (30 Trillion)
 (What is missing from the Alberta Treasury: 700,000,000,000 Heritage Trust (700 billion)
         5,000,000,000 Lost royalty (5 million)
30,000,000,000,000 Oil Discounts (not because of competition but Conservative policy)30 trillion)
         1,000,000,000 Power bill increases. Who gets the money? (1 billion inside could go to 10 easily)
         6,000,000,000 Originally stolen from the #AIMCO (6 billion to create a make work program for illegal immigrants (mostly American) working in the oil patch while Albertans were unemployed and running out of EI.  I alerted the unions. Conservatives denied everything finally making a settlement of some kind with the Unions.

This is all money if handled by a Government who looked after the population rather than the oil companies would have pulled us through this crisis 10 times over!   

Add to this the Taxes collected through indirect taxation.  That would be the utilities turned over to the cities to charge for as they like.  Which brings me to the new power lines being built so the Tar Sands can export their surplus power to the US yet, you and I pay for them on our utility bills!

#AESO is not prone to error! They said our power bills were going up initially by 20.00 per month times 1.5 million meters  is 30 million dollars a month 3,600,000 per year and in a very few  years will go up to 30.00 per month or 4,500,000 dollars a year X 20 years is a billion dollars!  Who is going to get this billion dollars plus and why all the costs are down!

Public Education has been trashed.  To pass all your kids need is a good attendance record. No grades considered.  In the coming layoffs these same young people will be poorly positioned to find employment. Kids from any other province will be able to take jobs from them because they have a real senior matriculation; your kids have a grade 10 equivalent.   Your kids future will probably be with the criminal element if you don't change this Government!  It would take them years of upgrading before they would be accepted into university; that's how bad it is!  

The Conservatives parachuted Raj Sherman into the Liberal Party with the soul purpose of wrecking it.  This history of the Liberal Party will be handled in a Separate post.

You have a choice now of voting,  yes, that simple and get rid of the Conservatives and put this province on a paying scale.  Or you can continue to coast letting the Conservatives sell your kids into a second class life while private schools which you cannot afford pick up most of the funding which, has just increased.  Alberta has the highest level of working poor in Canada!

We compare Alberta to Norway.  Norway has hundreds of billions in the Bank and are Europe's Bankers  They promise and deliver a university education to their adults; free.  Having the smartest population in Europe, they turn out 70% of their population for every vote!  They keep their Governments Honest.

Ahead of us we have the bulk export of water to the US.  With the Conservatives, as with the oil you will pay for all the construction and the companies holding the export permits (royal bank example) will pick up the profits. You won't be able to live here because you can't afford it.  Alberta already has the largest percentage of working poor in Canada!   You can change this with a vote!

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