Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Alberta Hooped by Obama!

The #Conservatives both Federal and Provincial are so strident in their views harbouring a near hatred for the US Democrats, in their arrogance and stupidity failed to make sufficient inroads to the present US Government to even get the courtesy of an advance notice.

While the #Conservatives were beating on #Republican doors in the US to put the Keystone pipeline in place, #Obama quietly inked a #deal with Mexico.

In this rather wonderful or awful deal depending on which end of the continent you are on Mexico can now #ship its heavy crude into the #Gulf refineries in quantity.  Disclosure of prices were not put forward.

In return #Obama allowed for the first time in US history for condensate to be exported.  In Mexico's deal the condensate will be imported and used to upgrade their crude to gasoline, diesel etc. for domestic use and for export.

This effectively kills the #Keystone pipeline project and the #Republicans didn't help at all.  There may be some traffic into Oklahoma and a trickle of product into the old smokers on the east coast of the US  I don't think there will be enough to pay for a Keystone! Its game over.  These accumulated screw ups amount to a total disaster that will hurt us all.

There will be layoffs across the board. Thousands!  This is why Prentice is rushing for a Spring Election, before the big layoffs hit.

These are the same guys that stole 700 billion plus from our Heritage Trust Fund.  These are the guys that didn't collect the royalty we were entitled to for so many years and what did it get us when the crunch came?   Nada! Nothing!  Lost revenues from this over the years would run above a Trillion dollars!

Then again there is the 30% discount on oil sales take off either BRENT or WTI whichever was the lowest.  This would work in the area of 2 trillion dollars that never hit our coffers to which we were entitled.

To change this and stop it from happening all over again in the water exports and the Electricity exports you have to vote.   Make the calls, find out if you are on the voters list.  If not get onto it and turn out to vote.

I want a strong leader and a future.  I don't want to loose my home.  I'm supporting the #Alberta Liberals; Raj Sherman and his team.

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