Thursday, January 08, 2015

Canada Immigration-Conservative style.

Alberta's #Redford was taking heat for having so many #illegal immigrants working in the oil patch; #not paying taxes on either side of the border. They were put into these jobs by the oil companies who took #workers out of the depressed areas of #Oklahoma and #Texas, sticking them into jobs here, telling them to keep quiet about where they are from. Of course, this means they didn't have #EI coverage either.
On one hand the Conservatives put on a make work program for the oil patch which would allow a worker about 3 days work a week. This, in place of EI which they couldn't collect.
The program lasted 2 years and #Redford advised Albertans it had cost the taxpayers 6 billion dollars but didn't tell them why it was necessary.
#Alberta was broke so getting cash for the program, they reached into #AIMCO the so called arms length company that looked after #municipal and #Government #pensions.
At the same time she declared it had cost #Taxpayers *6 billion, AIMCO published their year end sheets. They declared a loss of *7 billion dollars explaining it was due to bad investments.
The #unions were made aware of this situation and #AUPE went after the Alberta Government for their money back into the *pensions. This met with *denials from the Government until court was threatened and a settlement was reached. How much? When? I don't know. Confidentiality rules supreme.
Still taking heat, Redford did a day trip to #Ottawa to talk with #Harper and #Kenny. The results of this trip were the #new immigration policy tailored to the needs of the #delinquent oil industry and put in effect across Canada.
If an #illegal was employed the employer could sign the #citizenship application and it would mean instant Canadian Citizenship. If a new #immigrant prospect had opportunity of a job; they could pick up #citizenship papers at the Canadian Airport and take it to their #prospective employer who in turn would sign it for instant Canadian citizenship. #No limits were placed on the number of employees or prospective employees. #No back ground checks or vetting of any kind was done.
A #TV interview took place in #McMurray where drugs remain a big problem and suggested the Russian Mob as being behind it. The interview took place with a Roofing Contractor who said he has brought more than a dozen people in to work for him and, they had since left to work elsewhere; he didn't know where; people move around.
Now we have the #police bouncing #Mexican Gangs in Canada. You can bet #organized crime being *organized took advantage of this #immigration chute put in place by Kenny and the Federal Conservative to help their Sister in Alberta.
I will be supporting the #Alberta Liberals. I want a future. I will put my lot in with Raj Sherman and his team. I want an #honest leader and a representative party.
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