Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Shit Position; thanks to Conservatives.

The #Saudi market place was being destroyed by cheap LNG from Indonesia. To counter this they dropped their prices which effects us all. Saudi can produce oil close, probably under 5.00 per barrel range so there is a lot of room to move. China owns the Indonesia plants and has them up for sale saying there is no money in them. (My personal thought is the Chinese will continue to drop prices into oblivion until some country meets their asking price for the LNG plants hence 14.00 oil or lower)

Sounds like a great *opportunity for either the Saudi or Japan who were refused access to North America's 3.00 per barrel market instead they were charged 15.00 per barrel and above. BC is on its way to building a large LNG terminal and their only market for the LNG was Japan. #Japan has come under new government who immediately set about recommissioning #3 nuclear plants that were closed and promise to build 8 more within the next two years. There goes BC's market!

As a second position #Christie announced building a new dam down stream from their existing dam. This is 1100 MWH plant and has been turned down several times because #it cannot produce sufficient money to pay for it's self. But, what she isn't telling her people the dam will create a large lake from which to draw water year around for export to the US.

Alberta has a #fully engineered plan from the 80s costing them millions at the time. The# Weatherford Plan consists of 3 very large pipes and 8 pumping lifts each taking the power of a city to operate.. It will have the capacity when complete to move 2/3rd of the Peace River South but it need's Christie 's new dam to pull it off. There is an election coming between now and then.


In the meantime we are overproducing BTUs; oil and gas to an extent it will take years to move the inventory. Want to know where the price of oil is going; watch the price of LNG and the plays on the Indonesian LNG plants. I suspect we will see several dollar drop yet.
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