Saturday, January 10, 2015

How long is this recession going to last?

Oil shipping countries around the world are leasing ships to store oil in.  Leases are running 1 to 2 years.  You could take that as a benchmark for time.

Alberta is part of this world community of oil producers.  They claim they are increasing production but, I doubt it really.  Oil they produce is going into rail cars which are subject to demurrage.  You have to ask "How long can the producers hold out with all this overhead and no market place for return cash"

The answer I think, lays in Prentice want for an early spring election!  I think oil has given him that long without massive layoffs. They do this to protect a Conservative Government and the outlandish benefits they get from that same Government.

They pay no royalty at all - the only place and government in the world that gives their oil away.
The Conservatives sell the oil at either the BRENT price or the WTI and it can change daily. They go with the one that pays the least!  And, for a kicker they discount the oil 30% going though the door.

More and more press releases are be paid for by the Government in  cash rather than free.  For this the "story" is published but no public input is allowed; no comments allowed!

If he wins a early spring election there will be layoffs enmasse!  A slaughterhouse as far as employment is concerned.  That is the reality we are working with.

I am going to continue to support the Alberta and Federal Liberals!  I want a future!  I don't want to loose my home.  I want a strong leader because strength is going to be required to break up the old boy's club set up over the years by the Conservatives.

There is much work to do.
We have to start getting a return for our resource!  We  have to get market price for our resource (presently discounted 30% per Canada's high Commissioner and computed in Canadian Funds not US$ as does the rest of the planet)

BC has started their Dam C.  This is the sump for the Weatherford project to move 2/3 of the Peace River south to the US  The Royal Bank and others have been given export permits already from the Harper Government.

If it is the Conservatives to put this project in, there will be nothing paid to us for the water exported. Like the oil. we will pay the bills for the build and collect nothing in royalty of any kind.

In the chaos coming people overextended in credit on homes and boys toys will loose it all.  There will be no buyers to pull them out  Katz will undoubtedly pick up properties.  Some things can be mitigated but not by the Conservatives.

Feel free to contact me if you have further question.

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