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Alberta Liberals a history of deceit.(additional Info)

Alberta's first provincial election was called for November 9, 1905, with A.C. Rutherford's Liberal Party winning 23 of the 25 seats. On March 15, 1906, Lieutenant Governor George Bulyea addressed a crowd of 4,000 at Edmonton's Thistle Curling Rink, officially beginning Alberta's first session of the Legislative Assembly. As part of the business for the day, Charles Fisher, MLA for Cochrane, was elected Speaker.

Soon after theelection, Arthur Sifton resigned to become a Member of the Union Government in Ottawa, and Charles Stewart took over the leadership of the Liberal Party. Falling grain prices and the inability to finance all the proposed irrigation projects in southern Alberta resulted in waning support for the Liberals. By 1921, farmers were looking for someone who would better represent their interests.  #Sounds a lot like what is going on today doesn't it?

Time moved forward a century and we come upon #Kevin Taft and his #wife who jointly ran the Liberal party in Alberta some say his wife ran it and he followed.  The Liberal party ended up with 700 million dollars in 
debt. During his last election, Stelmach was his opponent #Taft made a deal with the Devil!   #The 700  million in debt magically disappeared!   

In return at the 11th hour Taft appeared to try to change the agenda of the very popular lack of royalty debates into some nonsense that had nothing to do with the election.   The only companies in Alberta at that time who could put up that amount of coin was the #oil companies.  #It is safe to assume they sold their soul at the point in time.

The Alberta NDP gained rapidly in popularity.  So much so it is apparent now that it caused the Conservatives parachute Raj Sherman into the Alberta Liberals were he took over leadership which can only be seen now as pre arranged.  The oil were busy setting up the Wild Rose Party and the Alberta Party simultaneously.  #Wild rose were to play the #ugly sister to #Redford thereby securing the Conservative Government giving false hope for change to a #frustrated and #largely uninformed #Albertan.  #The Alberta Party were to split the vote on the left #making sure there was no chance for an anti Conservative Government.  Will they evolve, stand on their own two feet and join with the NDP?  Time will tell.

Now, mostly due to my efforts I'm ashamed to say, the #Liberals were in a position the pick up the #new votes in Alberta, possibly putting them into Government instead of a comfortable opposition for the Conservatives.

So at the 11th hour, supposedly too late to change anything, Raj did his swan song leaving the Liberals leaderless and his riding wins immediately fall away to the #Federal Liberals.  I have to wonder it #Trudeau knows what he is getting in bed with!  

#Blakeman is coasting with her head down.  I'm suggesting she is a #wasted vote.  If she is really true to her ideals she will join the #Alberta NDP.  The #Liberal manipulations go way beyond what trust can handle.  Its really too late for them now.

We #compare Alberta to Norway.  Norway has hundreds of billions in the Bank and are Europe's Bankers  Every cent of this money was put there by #Socialist Governments. Not the marching boots the Conservatives would have you believe.

They promise and deliver a university education to their adults; free.  That is socialism!  Having the smartest population in Europe, they turn out 70% of their population for every vote!  They keep their #Governments Honest.

#Ahead of us we have the bulk export of water to the US.  With the Conservatives, as with the oil #you will pay for all the construction and the companies holding the export permits (royal bank example) will pick up the profits. You won't be able to live here because you can't afford it.  Alberta already has the largest percentage of working poor in Canada!   You can change this with a vote!

Vote rules have changed to favor the Conservatives
Make sure you are on a voters list then, your life depends on it, vote!
And, if you want a change for the better; vote NDP!

Some History:
Email sent to the Alberta Liberals 3/20/2013
Subject Not so small crisis! Personal attention of Raj Sherman.
When Mr Taft deliberately threw that election with 3 days left to go; the Alberta Liberals were some 700 thousand dollars in debt.   After he threw the election you were debt free.

It doesn't take a genius to point out you were bought off by the oil people!

It has now crossed my mind that It is your party, as much as the Alberta Party who are  in place to split the vote to the left.

Now, If I am wrong please tell me.  Your actions or non actions would show that I am very correct in this
No response given,

Email sent 3/27/2012
It appears you guys are going down the same tube you went down the last couple of elections!

There is no policy statement out.
Candidates might as well be from another planet!

It appears to have Taft’s stamp on the muddle again and if that is the case; get out of it!

At some point there will be candidates meetings.  From what I see your people have no idea how to face off in that arena.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you to send me email links or private emails to your candidates and let me coach them.  I have 10 years of public speaking in my background and I have a knowledge of this province second to none.

It is with more than casual alarm I write this note!
John Clark

Response requested.  (none received)

Subject an update please.

Dr. Sherman told rank and file the Liberal Party would not run in the next election.

Since then, there has been very little exposure of the Liberals in the media.

It is my opinion the Liberals screwed away the past two elections following Mr. Taft’s ideals of staying to the “high ground” and  being  overly
Concerned with protecting the honor of the office and prestige of the politic.

I’m told by respected people within the Liberal Caucus that the party is being run, hands on, by Mr. Taft and his wife.  

The way it is looking now, is that the Conservatives have very much taken over the Alberta Liberals with the insertion of Dr. Sherman.  Also, it appears  you are having trouble getting people to run for you now.  I take that as meaning the populace doesn’t know where you are at or where you are going.  This, because of a lack of straight and candid conversation.

People in Alberta are going to vote for a change this time around.  With the obvious absence of the Liberal party on the scene, it seems the WRP will gain ground even though I trash them regularly .

My blog, http://albertathedetails.blogspot.com/ is doing very well mostly because of my national and international postings.  I now use the blog for full articles on the news where comment only allow a very short response.  I target Conservative/Republican  papers and organizations.  It is surprising what a bit of reason will do.

In brief;  What in hell is going on?  Some straight answers please otherwise, I  will be supporting the NDP.

Again, no response.

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