Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alberta--The Details: The flower is off LNG EXPORTING!

#Alberta--The Details: The flower is off LNG EXPORTING!: #Things got a hellova lot worse today than they were yesterday.  So much for Christie Clark's big spending on her get rich quick scheme...

The flower is off LNG EXPORTING!

#Things got a hellova lot worse today than they were yesterday.  So much for Christie Clark's big spending on her get rich quick scheme in BC.  So much for the billion sunk already into the Kitimat LNG expansion.

Alberta is totally mismanaged.  The Conservatives have been running the province like a Casino for years and now, we have hit the wall.


Reuters: LNG boom over as China looks to sell out of long-term deals

  • Sinopec (SNP -1.4%) reportedly wants to sell some long-term liquefied natural gas import deals as a slowing Chinese economy and cheaper retail gas makes LNG imports unprofitable, signalling the end of a five-year boom fueled by rising Chinese demand.
  • Reuters reports that SNP is planning to offload LNG from new export plants in Australia and potentially Papua New Guinea to BP, amid growing unease over the scale of an expansion that has seen the construction of 11 LNG import terminals since 2006 with plans for 25 more.
  • SNP also may sell excess volumes coming from its stake in Exxon's (NYSE:XOM) Papua New Guinea LNG, in which it invested in 2009 when LNG prices were low but Chinese demand was expected to grow for decades to come.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Conservative policy drives low oil prices!

#It has come to my attention there is absolutely zero royalty collected on any petroleum  taken from crown land!  It's not just Alberta; it is the Conservatives!  Harper is as guilty as Prentice!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Alberta Conservative Throne Speech-A pack of lies.

#First understand the RCMP cannot investigate the Conservatives unless they get express permission from the Attorney General.   Several times they have refused to get on board with the rest of Canada for a national securities commission, saying it wouldn't work for their business model.    They were busted for taking over 7 billion dollars from AIMCO pension funds.  The union held their feet to the fire and after much denials  came up with an unknown settlement.  One thing sure; it costs you.   They operate completely above and beyond the law!

Jim Prentice made his first major press release that was packed full of outright lies; a neat way to start a crooked party recovery!  This should convince you nothing at all has changed and its going to cost your dearly if you continue to support  these  characters!

His first outing  from the Edmonton Journal: 
1. He said we were getting top dollar on our crude WTI (West Texas Intermediate) 
2. He said royalty was rolling in. 

Fact: 1
Under Peter Lougheed we were on the NY crude prices; highest in the marketplace. Under Ralph Klein we found ourselves down a notch to WTI .

Under the new crew of neo-cons the wheels came off; (that is Prentice's group). They opted to price on the London based Brent prices which were designed for North Sea oil with no infrastructure in transportation to speak of. The lowest prices in the spectrum.   On top of this, Canadian high commissioner Stewart Beck said in the Financial Post Alberta was discounting the Brent prices by 20 to 25.00 per barrel.  That's 30% and its been going on since oil hit 200.00 per barrel.

What he published was not an error nor an oversight; it was planned deceit; outright and deliberate lies  that didn't fly for those who knew differently.

It is Alberta's oil producers who take the biggest hit.
This is a 3 billion dollar lie!
Fact: 2
Royalty was set up in the tar sands to encourage growth.  The royalty base was 34% but we collected only 1% until the plants were built..  In other words, the Alberta taxpayer paid for every cent of the tar sands projects by leaving 33% of their royalty with the various Companies. It is our expense, not the oil companies.

Just when we were going to collect the full 34%, Syncrude complained their Firestorm project should not be taxed at the full 34% as it was an additional build; not an improvement. There was a public show of the Government resisting this cut back in royalty.   Ralph Klein and Syncrude went on a well publicized fishing trip; a boat load of booze and no reporters allowed.  The results of this meeting as presented to the public was the Firestorm would be included in the 1%.  In other words Albertans would pay for it; not Syncrude.

We heard nothing at all on royalty for a couple years .  All enquiries to the Conservatives were turned away with no answers.  Then, Fred Dunn the Auditor General chastised the Government because they were not even collecting the 16% they had told him about.  Well that brought on a rash of hate Fred Dunn news releases and the Auditor General's budget was cut so badly the couldn't investigate anything new.

Then the portfolio fell to Loose Lips Ron Liepert who told us on TV our royalty rate was now 6% and it would stay there for 5 years  then, it dropped to zero; zilch.

Prentice is telling us his government is new, different but its not its the same if not worse.

Yet they may get in again because of low voter turn out.   22% of the vote gave them this huge majority.  The turnout in Whitecourt was only 16%; scary!
Support the Alberta Liberal;s get a change in Government that means something!   Raj Sherman is a strong leader and has put out points which he will fix in education, grade school, high school and graduate university.

As it is now we are graduating kids with the equivalent of grade 10 education as high school graduates!  I see in todays paper they are going to reduce the high school graduation on final exams from 50% which is the lowest in north America to 35% because of their inability to teach them anything.  I would fire the whole bloody works of them!

The Conservatives froze the Heritage Trust fund at 5% profits when oil was over 200.00 per barrel.  Anything above 5% was siphoned off into General Revenues and used as taxes.  We gave the oil majors over 700 billion dollars out of this fund!

Norway, both green and rich has got hundreds of billions of dollars banked from their oil industry (they don't do royalty they do taxation)  They are now Europe's bankers!.   They won't vote Conservative!

They have the highest educated population in Europe.  Every kid is guaranteed a university education free!

They turn out 70% of their population in every vote.  (put this against the ignorance of whitecourt  who turned out 16%)

On the burger economy; yes burgers can cost 10.00 each but the people working at McDonalds there make 100,000 a  year so the 10 dollar burger is no problem.  Economies to scale.

You in Alberta own this Resource!  You don't have to fight for it or kill for it as they do in other countries.  All you have to do is vote!

The Conservatives are counting on your ignorance and stay at home attitude and, they just may be right.

The Conservatives have gone to many of the smaller communities promising them multi millions of dollars for their pet projects but, only if they are elected.  They have done a version of this for the past 40 years!.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

RCMP ordered to check out Redford's actions. All BS!

While it is true the RCMP can only check the Alberta Government if asked to do so by the Attorney General, I have only put this fact forward across the net recently.

Coupled with  a post I made on the "Globe and Mail about AIMCO and their role in financing the make work program for the illegals in the oil patch will probably put a run on accounts held in AIMCO; or at least it should.  I noticed Aimco on a sales trip east a couple weeks ago.They won't have enough cash in AIMCO to pay anyone back that wants out!

The Conservatives got out in front with story on them going after Redford.
First off; anything that Redford did as minister is out of reach for the RCMP and, if they did find some grey areas only the Attorney General can say proceed with charges or not.

Another thing that this BS investigation served is to get the Conservatives on the side of the newspaper you don't wipe with!  They are down and out and have lied time again trying to make some kind of a bent recovery.  Redford's purge was to have carried them to the next election.  Instead the public seen though it and it lasted only about 2 weeks and the fall out was against the Conservatives not for them!.

They have stolen more than a trillion dollars from this province.  There simply no way of explaining that!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Harper Government's International Behavior

I would like to simply make a comment on your enclosure on the Harper Government’s international behavior.

You will recall that the war in Libya was a NATO war that was not led by the USA; it was led by Canada and its political and military establishment. During that war, Mr. Harper and the Department of National Defence determined it would be an “air war”, and Khadafy’s police state was to be destroyed.  Since there was no planning or follow-up by the Harper Government and National Defence, large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and other war materials unlocked by the Canadian bombing, was freed up for use by Islamist terrorists. They promptly moved much of this war materiel to Syria where they began terrorizing local civilian Arab populations with mass murder, beheadings, and other barbarous acts.

Now we see the Harper Government planning attacks against their former terrorist allies in Libya, including Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Today, Turkey, a NATO ally, is awaiting some kind of “strategic co-ordination” regarding the humanitarian situation, the Harper Government is deploying more war planes to Kuwait, while at home, Mr. Harper’s appointee to the RCMP is asking for more arbitrary powers over “terrorists” even going so far as to opine his view that “radicalization” is not the same as “mental illness”.  A decade of federal and provincial neglect of mental health, including this current new dimension, is now being glossed over as “something new” - the “lone terrorist”.

It seems to me that our real problem is inept and incompetent government that have appointed inept and incompetent senior civil servants that are cutting all kinds of corners and are using Big Lies to cover up their own gross mistakes, such as the current crisis where Canadian military and political leadership has armed ISIS and where it has now metastasized throughout the Middle East.

Am I alone in this view? I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on these issues.

Joe Green P.Eng. M.Eng.

Monday, October 20, 2014

DK Ford Leduc and Ford Motor's phantom private market place.

DK Ford Leduc and Ford Motor Company have what may be the best organized scam going in the car business.   Some unnamed identity collects suitable cars for resale.  These can possibly be from flooded areas but most likely out of province where they have been run on gravel.

Then an auction is held, Ford dealer membership only and the collection of cars are sold to the likes of DK Ford and others.

While in the hands of this unnamed centralization some detailing is obviously done but there is no accountability.

In my case a very low KM Ford I purchased had a crack develop from the middle of the windshield moving upwards from below the 2" bottom moulding.

Cracks like this happen when an installer puts a window in that has a chip or nick on the edge of the glass.  That nick will produce a vertical crack if it is on the bottom or horizontal crack if it is on one edge or the other.

When taken back to DK for service replacement it was noticed a tiny rock chip 10 inches from the bottom of the glass centered on the crack that had started from below.  Nope! Can't help you was their response.

What this means is in their (Ford Dealers) centralization they can buy and insert culled windows; windows which have noticed to have a chip on the edge not suitable for direct sales seems to be okay to install in unsuspecting used car buyer vehicles.

The after the fact rock chip had nothing to do with anything that was the problem.  If choices were mine we would not have been dealing at DK Ford or Ford motor company for that matter.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Alberta Conservatives changing journalism usage.

Using the New Leadership campaign as an Election Campaign they are posting articles rather than press releases.  As such there is no comments allowed.

Buried in all of these articles is a paragraph or two about the inclusion of revenue from royalties!

Alberta is collecting no royalty at all!  Zero!  It's Alberta taxpayers who pay for everything; welcome to the Conservative world.

Also; they are now spending hundreds of millions of dollars on community projects with stipulation they must be complete before the election.

These are much needed projects but to leave them shelved for years pending an election is just wrong!

If you are a community that missed funding on their dream project; get on their case!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why the Conservative Leadership is a lot to do about nothing! Keep you eye on the ball!!

This article is a little longer than most but it sums up where we are at and why we are here. Please try to get though!  It will give you the reasons why this province is so screwed up!  It is my guess Redford was not forced to do anything; she agreed to fall on her sword in a last attempt to save this defunct party!

The Alberta Conservatives were so far down in polls they we hardly showing on the bar!  The last time they were in this shape was when Ed Stelmach was in trouble over the ever dropping royalty take for Alberta.

On the eve of the election they published a "new royalty regime" in .PDF form releasing it across the province and the world.  It was a pack of lies; nothing but!  The numbers presented were very high; in the range where a company couldn't operate if they were charged those amounts!  Impossible numbers fed to an ignorant public.

Oil screamed and postured drawing still more attention to the phony document. Them condemning the Government as being bandits and thieves.  On that count they were correct but for the wrong reasons.

In 6pt print across the bottom of the document  was the declaration "These figures are in Canadian Funds!"  So while rubbing our nose in it this document also changed our take on royalty from US dollars to Canadian Dollars a loss to the province of 18% as that was the rate of exchange at that time.  

Now time has passed and their crooked chicanery has caught up to them again. Out of the blue Redford is thrown under a bus and a long standing 25 years Conservative is brought forward to run for the  new premier.  They keep feeding out one thing after another and make is sound like its all about Redford.  They even have the ex mayor of Edmonton standing in to be the new health minister.  I don't know anyone who is less qualified for the job than he is! But, its a great distraction.

What they are doing is passing huge amount of promises in advance of the next election after which point it will all disappear as it has done in the last 5 elections!

Ted Morton was the last minister to sign a deal with the RCMP.  He held up signing for more than 3 weeks explaining on the TV "it's all about the money" The RCMP finally agreed not to investigate the Government unless they first received permission from the Attorney General (a position held at the time by Redford),

The Conservatives have repeatedly refused to accept an outside Auditor General saying that would not work well with Alberta's systems.   So very true again!.

This means Alberta Conservatives operate completely beyond the law!  It follows that Alberta is not a safe place in which to invest!

Their rip off score is impressive to say the least!
They have taken of 600 billion dollars out of the Heritage Trust fund.  They did this by determining all oil revenue belongs to the oil companies not the province. They set the earning of the Heritage fund at 5% taking every thing above  and putting it into General Revenues to be used as taxes. This is a lot more than "loosing their way"

Over two decades ago they started discounting our oil by 30%. off world market prices.  All throughout the 200.00 per barrel "good times"we were loosing 30%  off the top plus our royalty had dropped down to below 16%  down from 32% when Klein took office.  A brief royalty comparison was made in 2008 

Electricity: Take over the right away from the municipalities on the guise of putting computers in the poorer schools. Then, separate the generators from the transmitters; sell the lines!  That little move cost Albertans 7 billion dollars!    In one instance the owners of a newspaper plant own the power that comes out of that plant.  Prices go up; the plant hurts but that's okay the owners still profit from the electricity sales. Public bids were asked for on  the PPA's but no list of bidders or how much was ever made public. (PPA= Power Purchase Agreement)

New DC Lines are to delivery about 30% more profit to the owners.  Yet, Albertans are told we have to pay increases on our power bills  to pay for the lines!  The trick?  DC travels on the outside of the line and doesn't have resistance.  What goes onto the lines is exactly what is delivered off them.  There lies the huge profits over AC/

That's oil and natural gas and electricity  They have stolen over a trillion dollars from the Alberta Treasury and now, they are running a new leadership circus to keep your minds focused on their circus and away from their horrendous damages.

Education:  They have cut our education programs so a grade 10  education is now graduating as a grade 12!  If parents want a real education for their kids they have to enrol them into private schools!
Private schools get a disproportionate amount of the available funding!

Water:  All of the water allotments are allotted.  Municipalities now have to buy more water if they need it, from the oil companies.   The latter asked for a  small increase in the water allotment and were given huge amounts.  The Government is storing allotments in oil companies. The sale of new water to municipalities increases costs, not values and they have ambitions of exporting the Peace River to the US given half an opportunity

Health Care: This is 99% theatre and 1% application.  Alberta declared they were going to go to the US Oregon health care system and called it the third way.  The Edmonton journal covered it at the time  Journal Article on Oregon Health: and The Conservatives are following an agenda set down by the US Republicans!

Legislation is changing to make the citizens responsible for environmental screw ups that may happen in the oil industry  Here's one example of applied Bill24

And lastly; most political parties are an invention of the Oil Companies.  One is there to provide an Alternative to the Conservatives (WRP) while others were put in place to split the vote on the so called left.  We have two alternatives to the PCs. One is the NDP and the second, my choice is the Alberta  Liberals.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Full Debate on oil, resources, who plays and who pays.

This was an open debate on an article written by a CAPP exec. No sharing was allowed so, here it is!
Most astounding comment was from David W Lincoln who takes the position that its okay to take the resource from the province for nothing; better than it "just laying there"  The Link is still alive; join in if you feel the urge!

Friday, August 29, 2014
1:13 PM
Rick_Munroe  2 days ago
The predicted increase for Canada in 2015 is entirely likely.
The predicted increase for USA to almost 9.3 may be a bit of a stretch but the LTO boom never ceases to amaze.
But many credible analysts expect the LTO boom to peak before the end of this decade, perhaps as early as 2016. Since growth in LTO accounts for almost all of the growth in global oil production during the past 5 years, its peak will be felt world-wide.
Oil prices will then become unhinged (much sooner if unrest in MENA, Nigeria, Russia, etc gets worse). I doubt that there will be much 'calm' re. oil prices in 2020.

  • 2RJ  Rick_Munroe  2 days ago
    These are the same "experts" who predicted "peak oil". I put no faith in economists that seem to know not much more then anyone else.
    • Rick_Munroe  2RJ  2 days ago
      Are you still not convinced re. Peak Oil, RJ?
      In any case these are not the same experts, at least not entirely. The EIA's most recent Reference Case has LTO peaking in 2017. The most pessimistic Bakken projections usually come from ND-DMR itself, whose graphs show peak by 2015.
      By the way, the most credible PO analysts that I've encountered are veteran oil guys, military analysts and geoscientists. I can't think of an economist among them... can you?
David W. Lincoln  3 days ago
We need to diversify, which makes it more complicated to forecast.
Well, in order to make gains, there are times when the load becomes heavier.
This is one such time.

  • cyberclark  David W. Lincoln  2 days ago
    The Alberta advantage was touted for years but never named. It was our cheap electrical power! The Conservatives in their never less than sharp wisdom invented a vehicle called"the power purchase options" or PPO's (they love acronyms. The rule had been laid down that generators could not own power lines.
    Klein had previously collected all the power lines into the Government control saying it was so school like Blueberry Alberta could afford computer labs like Leduc had. Now in Government control without a whimper from the public it was easy to sell the lines. The loss to Albertans was confirmed by several economists at being 70 billion dollars!
    Most power ended up in the hands of the cities profits there from would be referred to by us who dissented as being "Indirect Taxation" The lines have changed hands a few times; Fortis has said privily the scale of industry is not sufficient to make money on power lines in Alberta and they viewied their take over as an error. Now; they are looking to sell the whole works to Warren Buffet and pick up sever billions in proift from the sale; then; watch the power prices go up.
    Within the first 6 months a cookie manufacturer left Edmonton back to Bramalee Ont price of power too high. A fiberglass Manfuacturer in Leduc said he would have to close his doors and as I under stand it has since done so.
    Meanwhile the cities add 1 line cost to bills as they see fit and name them what they want whenever they want more cash. They are careful not to hit the rates on electricity too hard but our costs are sky rocketing. Edmonton was named by National Geo April 2010 as having the highest priced water in the civilized world!
    Our chance for diversification is must less than it was before this crew came to power.
    see more
      • cyberclark  cyberclark  4 hours ago
        There was rumor's at the time the inital PPAs were "flipped" some as many as 3 times in the first 2 days. They felt this was necessary to raise the price to bring on wind in a profitable environment. They may be right but i don't agree with how they did it. This drove up their value creating artificially high prices on one hand and made a few insides millionaires overnight.
      • David W. Lincoln  cyberclark  a day ago
        God help us all if that was the Alberta advantage.
        My thanks for shining light on what isn't deemed to be newsworthy by too many "news rooms" (they are all propaganda centres to be honest).
        So, when it comes to alternatives, the field is wide open. You can be sure that the sharper Alberta political parties will be researching this.
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        • cyberclark  David W. Lincoln  a day ago
          Yes David that was what the Alberta Advantage was cheap power. The Conservatives took advise that they could not grow "big Business" because we were not graduating sufficient professionals. So, the froze university funding at 1986 levels forcing higher tuitions. They made a decision not to try to graduate anyone unless they had gold enough to do it on their own.; it was cheaper to higher professionals from abroad and over seas.
          They have since debilitated our educational system so a grade 10 education passes for a 12 graduations.
          If a kid is in a attendance for most of the year they get a pass regardless of what their marks are. People caught in this trap say we are the same as any other province but, we are not!
          The only semblance of controls are in the trade school entrance depending on how many kids they need to fill a class (kids with money that is) they will put the entrance requirement at 70% or possibly 40% depending on response.
          We have graduated a decade or more of dummies! Now stuck they defend as their education will not allow them to go onto University or any other school out of province.
          Raj Sherman looked to this saying it would be a priority to fix this and, he offered massive support for post Graduate students who are really hurting. The Universities make more money from out of province kids (thousands more) than a local kid so we really have the cards stacked against us in so many ways.
          It used to be "a corporate town" but now it is a "corporate province" and we are the fodder for it.
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          • cyberclark  cyberclark  a day ago
            I will be supporting the Alberta Liberals this election. The polls are showing Alberta Liberals leading and both WRP and Cons have tanked. I see Daniele Smith is borrowing some of Raj' ideas post graduate assistance be the latest.
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          • winespius  cyberclark  20 hours ago
            Dream on ...the libs will never form government in our fact the dippers could possibly be the opposition next election.
            You are dead wrong in the polls....the WRP numbers keep rising...the libs are static at about 25's only the pc's that have tanked. if an election were to be held today they would be the opposition with a WRP majority...
          • cyberclark  winespius  18 hours ago
            The WRP has been lurking in the backwater for about 15 years now. The last election put Harper's election team in charge of their campaign. Ex Tory ministers, now working as lobbyists was their front, That is the picture that showed up in unrelated articles!
            The foundation of the WRP was built on lies and misdirection and they found a likely and uninformed ear in southern Alberta. I have said before and will say it again; a bunch of nutters.
          • Bill Kniess  winespius  17 hours ago
            eh you might actually be right about something...for someone that lives in B.C. you post a lot in Ontario about things everywhere else. But you left our nice conversation on carbon tax. Now let me get this's a progressive tax..but it's a regressive I guess that means it is a progressive regressive tax???? Interesting your posting in 2 newspaper circulations that both declared the B.C. carbon tax a winner.
          • cyberclark  Bill Kniess  4 hours ago
            I live in Alberta, Devon to be specific. Controlling the cost of carbon is seen widely as being the best way to control consumption. Like a sin tax if you like.
            I have a problem with it only that it is talked about being implemented by itself and other taxes involved in Petroleum are not considered in the same workup. Gasoline tax for instance.
          • David W. Lincoln  cyberclark  20 hours ago
            Given where money has gone since Lougheed was Premier, and how much of it arrived at its destinations, I have to conclude that those who fight the hardest against a forensic audit are the least trustworthy when it comes to Alberta politics.
            Anyway, having more routes out of the province to get product to market is a good thing, which is the original intent of the article. Right?
          • cyberclark  David W. Lincoln  18 hours ago
            I disagree. The people of this province are getting nothing back by way of royalty. We support the infrastructure totally through our tax dollars. Tax dollars are the single income from oil we see in this province.
            I say leave it in the ground until we get a new Government in place. All parties including the Liberals have been coined by the industry. Honest and integrity will be relative at best.
            We are caught somewhere between the outhouse and the woodshed holding a candle for light.
          • David W. Lincoln  cyberclark  an hour ago
            Were you here in Alberta when the NEP was invoked? Needless to say, a lot of oil remained in the ground thanks to that malicious legislation.
            Talking a good game about honesty is one thing, showing that there is no one trying to get away with something, via circumventing accountability - that is something different.
          • cyberclark  David W. Lincoln  32 minutes ago
            Premier Lougheed agreed with and signed the NEP. It's design was to increase Canadian ownership in the oil sands which it did. Canadian Ownership moved I think it was fom 5% to 25% in that period of time. That has all since gone by the board.
            A lot of oil remained in the Ground ? What is the matter with that? Instead we have a Government bought and paid for by oil who is robbing this province blind.
            Stripping the Heritage Trust fund of over 600 billion dollars by holding investment profit at 5% taking everything above and putting it into general revenues to be spent in place of taxes.
            I had an email from the Cons the other day 15,000 days in power Get a pad and paper going mark that number at top. Then a column of losses 700 billion would be reasonable now for the heritage loss. How to figure the years of Klein losses when he dropped from 32% down to 16% on royalty? I have guess here; Half a trillion dollars between Klein's start out and where we are now?
            I won't go into the indirect taxations but th 10% flat tax the Liberals are happy to do away with is important as it leaves the citizen paying the bulk of the taxes and the oil companies a very short proportion. (figures were up in the Edmonton Journal)
            Also you may remember Lougheed cut back production of oil when the prices tanked saying we are not going to give our product away! Now, his heirs are setting up a glut for the sole purpose of reducing the price of oil across north america.
            I see nothing at all wrong with leaving the oil in the ground until we get our royalty back, the full market price of the oil back and a stable Government in place.
            There are very good reasons why the Conservative will not allow an outside Securities Officer in charge in Alberta! They are too dam crooked to operate under the law. Likewise the deal preventing the RCMP from investigating them without the approval of the Attorney General . How much do you think that works out in total? Perhaps a billion dollars a day x 15000 days that should be in our pockets an isn't.
            No; i have no problems of leaving oil in the ground until we get our proper returns and if the prices fall for some reason other than Alberta's self made glut we stop producing.
          • cyberclark  cyberclark  23 minutes ago
            And our social umbrella is gone! Care for seniors is horrible. Care for the infirm is terrible.
            It leaves me sick at heart! We have moved to a US system of medicare; in fairness the Conservatives said they would do that ahead of time no one blinked!
            We talk of the hundreds of billions of dollars Norway is holding now operating as Europe Bank. Noway has among the highest educated people in Europe. And, they turn out 70% of their vote every time.
            We on the other hand are graduating idiots and can only turn out 22% of our vote on a good day. The Norwegians keep their Governments honest..
            The game isn't getting the oil out of the ground the fastest way we can'; it is about making money at it and that is for this province and not just the oil industry.
          • David W. Lincoln  cyberclark  24 minutes ago
            Fine, then count on less money going to the businesses that service the oil industry.
            Getting me to vote Liberal again is impossible, because in 1993 the Alberta Liberals looked more like the Wildrose Alliance today.
          • cyberclark  David W. Lincoln  5 minutes ago
            If the producers got full price for their oil they would make more money when they were working. Its producers who are taking the biggest hits.
            Rather we are being run by an ideal rather than a plan.
            We were paying 50 cents per barrel to ship oil by pipeline.
            Then we toyed with rail. that put us in the 2.00 2.50 range per barrel. ( this is paid by Alberta and the US likes it as they can switch car destinations as soon as they cross the border.
            Meanwhile Kinder Morgan finished their second pipeline and using the rail pricing as the new market price the up the cost of using their new pipelines. Suncor complained about the rip off but the Government intent on stripping our resource for free said nothing nor did they intervene.
            Now Kinder Morgan is waiting for approval of a 3rd line for which they will most certainly be in the region of 2.00 per barrel to use it.
            We need a new Government! Raj Sherman is the only person who even acknowledges the problems. That doesn't mean he can fix everything over night nor will he. That is the responsible part of Government
keithkcummings  3 days ago
nice that Claudia in her CAPP sponsored articles at least understands the shame of our poor environmental record in the modern nations pantheon, when globally well respected and well known figures from the UN, churches, Hollywood, the music scene, scientists, medical doctors and media visit the oilsands and condemn our poor stewardship of the area, its adverse effects on its inhabitants and its negative effects on this planet . It's a beginning.
  • winespius  keithkcummings  3 days ago
    There is no "shame" of our environmental record's above most of the world by far...this is a perception invented by the activists and radical environmental agenda...
    and that will fade quickly when the cycle returns to higher demand and to higher production....
    • keithkcummings  winespius  18 hours ago
      even your best buddies at NP disagree with you...face it we suck. If you want your oil industry to work you have to appease people like me, and denial just doesn't work. And you fail on an epic scale, you argue rather than appease, you deny rather than understand. Give us facts , truth and transparency and let us the people decide, or do you fear that? So far all we have are hand-puppets like you denying global warming, denying that oil is a toxic chemical in the environment that is almost impossible to clean up after a spill, denying the oil extraction is environmentally sloppy and done on the cheap, denying the huge swell of people like me that would like more money spent by CAPP and oil corps to ensure the environment is a major concern rather than a PR exercise.
      My side is winning and you are losing in the eyes of Canadians. We have stopped NG and KM and just watch us stop Keystone, EE and line 9 through legal protest and court injunctions. Just watch us put our Canadian environment above your precious Chinese oil corporations' profits..
      — Canada is doing a bad job of protecting the environment, an official watchdog said on Tuesday, suggesting a poor image for the country on green issues could harm Canadian companies seeking to export crude oil and natural gas.
      “There’s no question that the noise outside is having an influence on the process,” he said Wednesday, in an interview in Washington. “The project has been hijacked by activists that are opposed to the development of all fossil fuels.”
      The damning report by Neil Maxwell, interim commissioner of the environment and sustainable development, puts more pressure on the Conservative government, which is already under fire for what critics say is a poor environmental record.
      Financial Post Nov 13.
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      • winespius  keithkcummings  3 hours ago
        “The project has been hijacked by activists that are opposed to the development of all fossil fuels.”
        The only "bad' thing the government and industry can be accused of is not recognizing the effects of the ongoing propaganda campaign of the radical environmental agenda and the gullibility of people like you, that thrive on hysteria and lies...
        You are not winning and you will not win because you are wrong....
      • keithkcummings  winespius  2 hours ago
        when Janet Holder is fired and NG is shelved, when Burnaby and Vancouver successfully stop KM, when Keystone is abandoned, when EE/9B are causes of massive protest in Ont/Que/NB, perhaps then you will see the fact that your CAPP and oil buddies are not winning the propaganda race. You tried to buy us, we didn't sell, you tried to brainwash (educate is your term) us, we resisted and fought back with support from hundreds of Canadian scientists, you threatened us we took you to court, we are in the millions you are but a handful a oil corporations. Money may be on your side, but society is backing my side, and good people always win over purely self-interested politicians and corporations. It will take time, but Man's ability for wisdom/Mother Nature/The Big Guy in the Sky, are on our side.
        Every year support for pipelines dramatically drops, and we the mothers, fathers, children of tomorrow, the gardeners, musicians, those of faith, the Hollywood actors, the painters and poets, the average joe slugging out a living, grow stronger, louder, and certain in our ability to stop multi-trillion dollar oil corporations indiscriminately pillaging our lands, waters and climate.
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        • winespius  keithkcummings  an hour ago
          You are entitled to live in your little fantasy land but we the mothers, fathers, children of tomorrow, those of faith and the average joe slugging out a living, will grow stronger, louder, and certain in our ability to maintain a reasonable standard of living and productive society free from the destructive influence of the radicals and extremists...
          Nanos Poll
          While Canadians doubt the oil sands’ environmental efforts, they are far less conflicted about pipelines
          — two-thirds of the people surveyed picked pipelines as the best way to transport oil and gas, compared to rail (16%), truck (12%) and tanker ship (5%).
          Support for West-to-East pipelines was strongest, with 80% of Canadians strongly supportive or somewhat supportive of projects transporting Alberta oil to refineries in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Alberta’s plans to ship oil to the B.C. coast en route to Asia also had support from two-thirds (66%) of those polled, although Alberta-to-Texas proposal, namely the Keystone XL pipeline, received a less-robust 57% thumbs-up from Canadians.
    • cyberclark  winespius  16 minutes ago
      Our environmental record is carefully tailored and edited so it is so far away from the truth it is hardly recognizable. Most obvious is the shale operations in southern Alberta and the coal bed methane operations. Multi directional drilling punches a bunch of holes though the water aquifers. This allows containments to come up into the water Aquifer which runs like an underground river.
      Remote testing devices could be installed downstream from the well. Data could be sent back by radio (transducers) but, this irresponsible government will not entertain doing so held back by fear that something may become public.
  • Warren Kirkland  keithkcummings  3 days ago
    I very much understand that mining facilities in the oil sands looks terrible. It's an open pit mine, all open pit mines look terrible. I wonder though, do you think Hollywood, churches, medical doctors etc. Think as poorly about in situ sites? Surely their pristine forests (though with swaths cut out for access roads) are a great alternative to mines. I also wonder if since the bulk of Alberta reserves are trapped only for in situ development if the negative 'image' somehow fades?
    Look at any open pit mine and you'll see what you do with oil sands mines. The difference is the level of scrutiny, and the ability of government to force companies to develop reclamation plans, to monitor water ways, to respond to access requests, and to plan for the future. We can argue that they're not doing enough, and talk about how to do more. But let's stop the shaming for providing a resource we all use. Let's understand that places like Syria, Iraq, UAE, and Russia do not have a better environmental track record, or more responsible development. Most don't even track carbon output.
    • cyberclark  Warren Kirkland  2 days ago
      The oilsands are a viable industry which needs all the help we can give it. There is an unfortunate mess left behind because it was shelved for so many years it became unmanageable. I'm speaking of Mildred Lake now and it is a little more than unsightly.
      The Government paid for an experimental extraction process for Mildred Lake. It cost taxpayers 700,000 dollars a month and involved 6 very large centrifuges to spin the water off the slug and the residue was taken by conveyors to huge mounds.
      Now the Journal reports a new company is going to get rich fast by salvaging exotic minerals from that slug. They are looking for investors but they don't break out how they are going to extract or if they are just working off the inventory of those huge expensive mounds that taxpayers built for them.
      This was part of the make work program that Albert created for the oil industry in the down turn where so many illegal immigrants were working they could not collect EI. That spun the disaster in immigration started the the FED.
cyberclark  2 days ago
Alberta Conservatives discount our oil at 30% off world trade prices; this according to Canadian
high commissioner Stewart Beck. Alberta collects zero for royalty and the building of power lines and roads needed are co-oped across the population. Itis the producers taking the biggest hit for this folly and it is flooding the markets.
Oil 100% Alberta treasury 0! In fact, if you look at their various schemes and consider their figures, Albertans are paying the oil giants to take the oil from the province!
On transport. Alberta was paying 50 cents a barrel to ship oil by pipeline. They continued to overproduce for the market demand and ended up opting for rail. It is reported they pay between 2.00 and 2.50 per barrel to ship rail.
With this overheated, over producing background Kinder Morgan is apply for a Third pipeline. Their second pipeline jacked the prices up far beyond what was being charged on the 1st. The third will probably knock a few cents off the rail price. If this isn't government mismanagement; I don't know what is.

  • winespius  cyberclark  2 days ago
    This is just plain nonsense....60% of alberta oil revenue comes from WCS sales. The royalties are based on market price and ranges from about 25-40%
    • cyberclark  winespius  2 days ago
      Such juvenile BS! WCS and Brent and switched regularly to which ever is the less another means of discounting. There is no royalty collected! When Klein took over Government the royalty was 32% on finished plants. Then plants started to get finished and when Klein left office the royalty rate was 16% Then came Stelmach with his new royalty regime that was released on the eve of the election because they were in trouble there. What it did was pump out a sheet of nonsense numbers that would never be reached and quietly changed our royalty from being taken as US dollars to Canadian at that time a loss of 18% to us. And, people like you ate it up!
      Finally Ron Liepert left office saying the royalty was reduced to 6% now and would stay there for 5 years. 5 years later and its zero.
      The Conservative ideals say we are only entitled to revenue from the sale of lease land and the only income is from income taxes of workers and companies.
      When you get finished crunching numbers you will see it is as I said we are actually paying the oil companies to take the product from the province,
  • Fat Freddies Cat  cyberclark  2 days ago
    LOL, even you Clark must realize that the Alberta Conservatives do not set the price of oil... don't you?? As for the roads, it's the oil companies that build the roads, if the government wishes they can take over the roads, but they then have to high grade and pave them (look up the Strand road in Northern Atla to get some idea). The road north of Slave Lake was built by the oil companies and then taken over and upgraded by the province to link up the comunities north of there... ie Red Earth etc.. Same with the remote roads in Northern BC, a forestry company, or mine will build the roads they need, if the government deems it in the public interest they will take it over and upgrade it. As for power, it is the sites themselves that generate the powerm usually via a cogen plant for the steam, produce electricity as a by product of producing the steam and then sell the excess to the grid, the government pays nothing but it has allowed Alberta to shutter a couple of coal plants. You did notice the headline that Alberta is expecting a surplus due to higher then predicted prices for oil... so that means more royalty, currently the Alberta government takes a cash settlement for bitumen royalties, but that is going to change, like conventional they will take a share of production and market it themselves.
    • cyberclark  Fat Freddies Cat  2 days ago
      Good spin. It is taxpayer money that pays for those roads and yes, Alberta sets the price for the oil they ship and both conventional and sands are discounted the same! And, as for power lines they are being built by public money so the Oil companies can export their power to the US on those same lines. Incidental Alberta only builds lines to its borders. Southern partners in Montana take it up from there. The reason being if Alberta exported power on its own lines to the US it would put the Fed in charge of pricing and export.
      While I'm on it the NEW DC lines are a larger diameter than the older AC lines. This is to handle more current as DC travels on the outside of the line; AC on the inside. Both can co exist in the same lines. Producers figure above a 30% increase in profits from those lines yet fortis is charging Alberta meters an extra percentage (they are talking 25%) as costs on the lines. We are getting our pocket picked on every side under the Conservatives!
Gardiner Westbound  a day ago
Gasoline went up 3¢ a liter overnight. But everybody knows abundant supply, falling oil prices and cutthroat competition drives costs up, especially prior to Canadian holiday weekends.

All_taxed_out  a day ago
Prices in Canada are still too high compared with our neighbours to the south. 92 a litre in Erie PA. Toronto $1.33 ???? Huge difference. I guess big shots in Calgary love their massive profits and politicians love their massive taxes. Canadian gouging at its finest. In America they operate on a true supply and demand business model. They have production costs, crude purchase, marketing, distribution, profit, taxes etc and price it at 92 cents a litre. Why are Canadians asked to pay 41 cents a litre more when the world has too much oil on hand? The price has been cooked up by fat cats in a back room!

  • Bill Kniess  All_taxed_out  17 hours ago
    Why do we pay $20 for a $15 book. Oh I thought that was in the budget. Mr.Flaherty's fair pricing commission. Oh ..he's gone now. Who did Harper work for in Alberta?
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        • Lolo  Bill Kniess  4 hours ago
          The cost of business is higher is Canada. But federal and provincial tariffs sure do jack up the price. That's why every politician to promises to look into these price differentials never get back to us. A big chunk of it comes from our goverment. Taxes and the hidden tariffs built into our prices.
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