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Alberta Conservative Corruption

This You Tube presentation has taken a lot of work and good research.  The reason all of this can happen is because the RCMP cannot investigate the Alberta Government unless they first get permission from the Attorney General; a position Redford filled for many years.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alberta Heritage and Trust as good as gone! Thank you Redford!

 This is a truly great and exciting piece of quality journalism  by Milke!

MARCH 21, 2014

Alberta’s provincial government has provided plenty of political theatre as of late, with, as I write, three resignations from the government, including that of Alison Redford as premier.
However, the Redford resignation may not be the end of her influence on Alberta’s future, and in particular, upon the Alberta Heritage Savings and Trust Fund.
A clue here came from an earlier resignation, when Donna Kennedy-Glans, the now-former associate minister for electricity and renewable energy, jumped out of the Progressive Conservative caucus. As she herself resigned, Kennedy-Glans made a curious and consequential critique, noting that Bill 1, recent legislation sponsored by Redford, contained a “$200-million slush fund.”
The reference was to a new Alberta Future Fund, a sub-fund in the Alberta Heritage Savings and Trust Fund. Kennedy-Glans was on to something big. And few have noticed.
But first some explanations: Redford’s legislation, Bill 1, the Savings Management Act, creates several new funds. They include the Social Innovation Endowment Account, which diverts $1 billion from the main Heritage Fund over two years; the Agriculture Food and Innovation Endowment Account, with $200 million from the Heritage Fund; and the Alberta Future Fund, referenced by Kennedy-Glans, which will receive $200 million every year, and reach $2 billion by 2024, according to the provincial budget.
Bill 1 has no description of the Alberta Future Fund, or how the money can be used. Post-budget media reports note how Finance Minister Doug Horner said the fund was not dedicated to specific projects, but “future strategic opportunities.” Moreover, Budget 2014 describes the potential for this new fund thus: “Opportunities offering long-term strategic potential may arise and warrant the use of Alberta’s savings. These opportunities may arise unexpectedly, and may require large one-time investments.”
Because the other new funds will be used for social purposes, and the province already has plans for infrastructure spending, the vague description of this $2-billion fund’s intention (“future strategic opportunities”) should ring a few alarm bells. This looks to be a slush fund for more corporate welfare, beyond existing and ill-advised “investments” in the energy sector.
Some history: in the past, the Alberta government lost billions of tax dollars trying to spot strategic “opportunities.”
Back in the 1980s, the Alberta government placed big taxpayer-financed bets on startup companies and others that politicians and bureaucrats thought could help diversify the Alberta economy. Loans and loan guarantees were given to a variety of firms in multiple sectors: a pulp and paper mill, waste treatment plant, meat-packing plant, high-tech firms, and even a provincial oil upgrader.
The experiment was a disastrous failure. When, by the late 1980s and early 1990s, the provincially backed companies failed, and dozens did, the taxpayer (through provincial entities holding the loan guarantees) ended up paying the bills.
By 1994, these and multiple other corporate welfare failures cost Alberta’s taxpayers at least $2.2 billion. Back then, the Alberta experiment in loans and loan guarantees to business became so publicly toxic, that by 1996, the province even passed legislation greatly restricting the practice. Then-Premier Ralph Klein regularly said the province was “out of the business of being in business.” It was a promise mostly kept for the rest of that decade, with rare exception.
Even the province’s Heritage Fund, which had its own 1980s-era division (The Alberta Investment Division) dedicated to “strengthen or diversify the Alberta economy,” was restructured to eliminate rubbery and politicized goals. As the Heritage Fund itself notes, in 1997, the province reorganized the Heritage Fund to eliminate “economic development” and “social investment” as possible uses for the fund.
Back to the present: Memories of past provincial government intervention and the subsequent failures have obviously faded in the provincial legislature. The plan to use the Heritage Fund for social and “strategic” purposes is evidence of such forgetfulness. The recent provincial budget and Bill 1 have gutted the responsible 1990s-era reforms made to safeguard the Alberta Heritage Savings and Trust Fund — and to keep Alberta’s provincial government out of the business of being in business.
No wonder Kennedy-Glans labelled the new Alberta Future Fund a “slush fund.”

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Monday, March 17, 2014

Alberta Politics

It has been common knowledge that Redford was/is probably the most hated Preimer in Conservative Governments.  Unfriendly is an under statement; overtly short of people skills would be closer to the truth.

Her lies and deceit have finally caught up to her.  Her caucus is bailing which is very significant for a number of reasons the most being they are sitting as independents trying to catch the eye of Danielle Smith, herself no better than Redford.

These people are still after the golden ring.  They would join the NDP if they happened to be in opposition.  They are opportunists of the worst kind.

And, there will be more to come!

The Conservatives just gave Redford a majority vote on her leadership.  It is against Conservative law to force her to resign.  Fact is; they cannot do that!.

Your wild rose party is really ugly by comparisons They are supported by the LDS church in Alberta just as the LDS church supports the Republicans in the US.   By supporting these crass right wing movements they can look forward to social program being cut, schools privatized and Medicare done away with.

If people need help they LDS church will assist them, first you have to join.  They have built up the worlds largest private aid organization and to their credit have boots on the ground long before any other support group Government or private.

Alberta's political land scape is run or largely influenced directly by oil!  Witness the oil in the planning of your kids education!.

If you want a change that will protect your jobs and salvage something of this province for the people the Alberta Liberals is the only real choice you have!

We speak often of Norway's accumulation of gold from resources and their high standard of living along with their educated population.   Compare this to Alberta being broke, robbing pension funds and cutting funding for senior care and there is a difference alight.

The reason for this difference is this:  Norway turns out 70% of its population to vote every time.  They keep their Government honest!  Alberta on the other hand turns out 21%.  The other thing is Norway doesn't vote in Conservatives!

Friday, March 07, 2014

Alberta Budget 2013 Lining up the Lies.

First off: Alberta is grossly overproducing petroleum.  No markets, no delivery system and and still in a panic to get more oil out of the ground.  They are setting up for the election, now around the corner where they will roll out their usual "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" platform and not show up at any of the inter party debates.

Companies leading up to the election will put out a rash of job advertisements and when you apply you will be told to wait for one reason or another.  After the election the adds will be pulled and the positions will be said to be filled.

How to I know this?  It is exactly what they have done the past 2 elections.

They have pulled 700 billion dollars from the Heritage Savings and Trust Fund, now they are trying to legitimize their actions by setting up a savings account inside the Heritage fund and pull another 5 billion out of the fund.  This is where your "rainy day" money comes from.

They stole 7 billion plus from the union pensions held by AIMCo.  I sure wouldn't want AIMCo to  have any of my coin in their control!  This was straight theft!  The Government had no intention of paying any of it back and called it a loss due to bad investment.

The Unions threatened court; this would expose AIMCo on a grande scale for that they actually are!

New clinics on the horizon?   This Government is searching for foreign health organizations to invest in Alberta to build and staff the same clinics.   We are on a very slippery slope!

The press, not the people are pushing the bunch of nutters in the Wild Rose Party.

The province is essentially broke as is Canada.   Fatherly declared a surplus budget using the same bastardized accounting that Albert a is using.   There hasn't been a Conservative Government in history that has produced a surplus with the one exception of Saskatchewan. 

Why are we so broke?  Because when Klein took over our royalty collected as 34% and when he left office it was 16% and is now 00%

The Conservatives are running a US Republican program and the US has rejected them 3 times now.

Rem Total Summary of PNWER
http://albertathedetails.blogspot.com/2011/03/conservativerepublican-alliance-pnwer.html Alberta hosted the last meeting in Banff at taxpayer expense.
Here's where your money went to:

We talk a lot about the luxury and gold in Norway's oil and their saved billions upon billions. The difference between Alberta and Norway?  Easy!  70% of Norway's population turn out for a vote!  By doing so they keep their Government honest!

Alberta turns out 21% of its population, seldom more.  We encourage thievery lies and cheating simply by not bothering to vote!

The Wild Rose's campaigns were run by retired Tory Ministers working as consultants in the oil patch.  Really!  Do you think you will get any different from them than you are getting now?  Give your head a shake!

The Alberta Liberals have identified every problem going by and have offered up business solutions to each problem!   Spend some time on their site!  The Liberals represent the only single chance for a progressive change in Alberta!   Vote!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Alberta Insurance

If you havn't noticed already, your insurance premiums on your home and business are going up by 6 times or more!

When  you consider they are doing away with the 300 deductible that has been the stay for Alberta home owners for years and are jumping into a 2500 compulsory deductible while increasing your premiums by 30%  you have to wonder how much money they are going to make on the recurring flood at High River!

There are 1.5 million homes or more in Alberta now.  This is billions of dollars a year insurance companies are pulling in as extra revenues!.

They are taxing weather disasters heavily whether or not they are disasters.   Example: what is the chance of a flood in a home that is 600 feet above the river bed and 85 feet above the water table?  The answer is no chance at all.

And, the lists go on.

At fault in all of this is the Alberta Conservative Government who have for years ignored and poo pawed the chance of flooding in High River Alberta.   The town did not get its name by pulling a name out of a hat!

This same gutless Government is allowing new builds on flood plains with no protection for the people building .

The thing is that in the Conservative world the insurance companies make the rules with no oversight.  Alberta Government and Insurance organizations meet regularly. The latter support the Conservatives in their plans.   Also they pay the Government 3% of their gross revenues  as part of doing business in the province.

Why in hell people continue to support Conservatives is  mind boggling.  We must have the biggest population of retards in Canada!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Conservatives Continue to Propogate their lie about Pension Shortfalls! UNIONS SOL

Alberta's Auditor General is the most recent leader of the band when it comes to diminishing the hard cold facts of Thievery and Cover ups from the Alberta Conservative!

When the economic crunch first came Alberta put on a make work program for the oil patch.  They felt this necessary knowing full well that the majority of workers in the industry were illegal immigrants and could not collect EI because of that.  At the same time, Harper's Conservatives changed the immigration laws so that anyone working in Alberta could apply for and get an unchallenged citizenship!  Those same laws are being repealed now in the "New Pension Rules" you hear so much about.  The damage is done!

At the end of this Fiasco the Alberta Conservatives, still claiming arms Length from AIMCo, announced the program had cost Alberta taxpayers 6 billion dollars!

At the same time, AIMCo declared a 7 billion dollar loss (10% of their portfolio) while other companies in the same industry were claiming 3% profits!   Now it is apparent that 9 billions of dollars evaporated from the AIMCo accounts.  

Knowing now that the shortfall was 7.4 from the pensions we  have to remember the Heritage Savings an Trust fund (already tapped for over 700 billion dollars) is still in their control and will be at least 3 billion short from their "expectations".  This money was stolen! It is thievery there is no other description for it and it makes AIMCo the biggest risk on the market place!.

The R.C.M.P. cannot investigate the provincial government unless they first get permission to do so from the Attorney General a position that Redford filled for a  number of years.

The article published by the Stony Plain Reporter does not allow for any comments as a condition of publishing put on by the Government.  They started off saying the 7 billion was lost though bad investments and when they were busted by Alberta the Details they changed their tune to Pension Shortfalls.

Now, they are using this same thievery and cover up to do a hatchet job on provincial pensions!

A nice case of a good red wine would be appropriate way of saying thanks John.

Following is the copy from the Stony Plain News:


Alberta Auditor General makes recommendations for pension reform

By April Hudson, Spruce Grove Examiner/Stony Plain Reporter
Alberta’s Auditor General, Merwan Saher. IAN KUCERAK/QMI AGENCY
Alberta’s Auditor General, Merwan Saher. IAN KUCERAK/QMI AGENCY
Alberta’s Auditor General recently released a report criticizing the sustainability of Alberta’s public sector pension plans.
Pension plans under consideration include: Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP), Management Employees Pension Plan (MEPP), Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) and Special Forces Pension Plan (SFPP). All are included in the Treasury Board and Finance Department’s pension reforms, in the purview of Spruce Grove – St. Albert MLA Doug Horner.
According to the report, the audit project began in 2011 as a result of concerns regarding the financial health of Alberta’s public sector pension plans. The audit report confirmed those concerns, noting that pension plans are facing funding challenges.
“Alberta’s public sector pension plans have significant unfunded liabilities and contribution rates that have risen to levels where some employers and employees do not want to pay more. On Dec. 31, 2012, those unfunded liabilities totalled $7.4 billion,” the report says.
Three specific recommendations have been listed in the report: first, that the department set standards for the public sector pension plan boards to establish funding and benefit policies; second, that they establish a risk management system; and third, that sustainability support processes be undertaken.
Horner said he’s pleased with the audit results and feels the recommendations are in line with what his department is already doing.
The results are based on the Auditor General’s observations up until July 2013. Since then, the department has put in much work on the pension reforms.
“In order to protect defined benefit pension plans for our employees, some changes have to be made. He agreed with that; he backed it up,” Horner said.
“We’ve talked to the plans, we’ve asked them for suggestions, we put some proposals on the table, we opened up a comment period until the end of December … and we said that in those defined benefit pension plans that we’ll be moving forward.”
Horner said pension reform isn’t something that should be creating a fuss among stakeholders. Since the process has been underway, he said he’s had many phone calls and emails from pension holders concerned that their pension will be changing — a misrepresentation he said is “irresponsible” to spread.
“We’re talking about earned service after 2015. If you’re retired today, nothing changes for you,” he said.
“Nothing in the program we’re doing would have any effect on current retirees’ pensions. To come out there and simply get people afraid so you’ve got more people to write letters, that just smacks to me of being very irresponsible.”
Unions such as the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), he said, have had opportunities to contribute suggestions, but most of the time those suggestions were that the pension process is fine as it is.
“As we’ve been saying for a long time, we wish (the unions) would have been at the table with us providing us with some good opportunities. Instead, they want us to stop. I don’t get the idea of stopping when you know there’s a problem,” he noted.
“The fiduciary duty of members on the board is to members of the plans, past, present and future. To do nothing, in my view, is to shirk that duty and I think it’s something the union leadership should be thinking about.”
Horner said the Department of Treasury Board and Finance has also received comments about early retirement. Many of the pension plans have an early retirement subsidy included in them, and he said that subsidy remains the same up to 2015. It’s only the years served after 2015 that would see a difference.
From July to December, the department accepted comments and suggestions. The end result will be some changes to what had originally been planned for pension reform.
“We identified that firefighters are probably (employees) where we need to make special circumstances, or peace officers who are in the line of duty,” he noted. “We’ve listened to concerns around the early retirement provision and we’re going to make some changes there (too).”
Those changes will be presented to the pension boards, followed by a public announcement.

Recommendation 1: Policies designed to achieve plan objectives
We recommend that the Department of Treasury Board and Finance set standards for the public sector pension plan boards to establish funding and benefit policies with:
  • Tolerances for the cost and funding components;
  • Alignment between plan objectives and benefit, investment and funding policies;
  • Pre-defined responses when tolerances are exceeded or objectives not met.
Implications and risks if recommendation not implemented:
  • Unclear disclosure of the circumstances could create a lack of stakeholder understanding about the decision making process.
Recommendation 2: Risk management system
We recommend that the Department of Treasury Board and Finance establish an Alberta public sector pension plan risk management system to support the minister in fulfilling his responsibilities for those plans.
Implications and risks if recommendation not implemented:
  • Less likely to identify risks and implement risk management activities effectively. Because the system has been designed with multiple parties, a consolidated approach to risk management is necessary. Otherwise, plan boards, AIMCo, APS and the department are more likely to duplicate efforts, fail to identify and manage risks and fail to manage risks outside of the plans’ and stakeholders’ risk tolerances.
Recommendation 3: Sustainability support processes
  • Validate the objectives for the pension plan sustainability review with stakeholders;
  • Evaluate and report on how each proposed change meets the objectives for the review;
  • Cost and stress-test all proposed changes to assess the likely and possible future impacts on Alberta’s public sector pension plans;
  • Conduct or obtain further analysis of the impact of proposed pension plan design changes on employee attraction and retention;
  • Prepare a detailed implementation plan for the changes.
Implications and risks if recommendation not implemented:
  • The department may not achieve its sustainability review objectives.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Fracking not out of Control Debate

The working word in the Calgary Herald  article is "not entirely right" obviously a hedge!

This stuff started with the Coal Bed Methane extractions a couple years ago. Obviously not counted in the article!  A series of holes are punched through the water aquifer into the sub strata where the gas is. Cementing should take place to seal the holes. However private investigations show the garbage from the sub strata in southern Alberta has migrated into the Water Aquifer for several miles!

The substrata garbage contains a lot of stuff some not identified. However, it also contains heavy metals notably arsenic and cyanide. Sure, in the Governments view a little of this stuff in your drinking water will make your hair grow nice and shiny but, not everyone agrees.

 Conservatives and Wild Rose are under pressure to import a bunch of workers. In the Conservative philosophy Alberta must survive on taxes alone. No revenue collected from royalty that is rightly ours; The little revenue from land leases which have dropped to their lowest in history may or may not be on the invitation of the Conservatives.  Recent complaints to the Feds about steel workers being laid off and replaced by foreign casual is only the tip of the iceberg!

Because Universities have been severely cut back in revenue the oil and business professionals are being brought in from around the world; not Alberta.  Kids still go to trade schools for quick bucks with the idea they can simply jump into university when they get the cash.  Nothing is further from the truth as the education they get is completely inadequate!  

That still is not enough to get the taxes needed to run the province so they open up the province for wholesale (very cheap or not returns) on industry as the push to rip resource out of the ground like there is no tomorrow.   The object isn't production so much as getting the employment numbers up, mostly foreign to get them or the WRP elected again (it doesn't matter to them!)

The revenue we are not collecting on oil and gas (hundreds of billions of dollars) does not stay in Alberta. It goes to the parent companies in the US and abroad. Collecting such revenues will not affect employment!

Albertans' have to give their head a shake and get off this Conservative-Wild Rose bandwagon that is a mindless; lazy position that is robbing you, your kids and grand kids of their rightful futures.  You are rapidly loosing  your public school system!

The shortage of revenue works in the Conservative favour! Now they can press harder for private schools, cut health care even further. The list goes on. There is not a Conservative Government in History that has produced a surplus!

The first thing Harper did in taking office is give away 75 million dollars in surplus funds to corporations on unnecessary tax breaks; none of which has shown up back into the economy!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Conservative Game plan for survival and you alternatives

We have elections coming up in less than 2 years.  Investors are showing no interest in
Alberta's tar sands as evidenced by the extremely  low bids on the last land leases.

The Conservatives are spinning every little thing into a bigger, more promising picture that simply does not exist.  The new Tar Sands projects (India's will be announced shortly if the new west coast pipeline is a go.

They are hanging their hats on a rash of empty promises; out right lies in many cases.  They need to create 15 thousand jobs by the time the election is called.  And, not just any job but high paying oil jobs.  Most of the new workers finding shallow low paying jobs are foreigners.  Their earnings go home to families abroad it doesn't stay in Alberta!

The Wild Rose Party a twin to the Conservatives except for their more extreme ideas which involves dismantling Canada and isolating Alberta are like the Conservatives spinning stories of glory with no substance at all.

Any new projects started won't be in the construction stage for over 5  to 10 years! Long after they have tried to survive another election.

The Conservatives tried to steal 8 billion dollars in pension money from the largest union in Alberta. They played this close with AIMCo  who happened to declare a 7 billion dollar loss due to bad investments.  And, the Conservatives said it was lost money attributing their 6 billion dollar expenditure on a make work program for the oil patch as coming from taxpayers.

Canada's largest union said "keep your hands off our pensions" and threatened to sue the Government and Aimco.   The result was, the Conservatives did more of their slight of hand book keeping and now say there is a shortfall in pension funds of 8 billion dollars.  Which means taxpayers are on hooks for it which is as it should be!    Caught in a bald face lie and a case of outright thievery they finally relented.

The Conservative plans have not worked out at all.  Both federally and provincially they have proved to be utter and total failures.  Attached you will find some graphs put out by a Doctorate in Economics.  Which shows just how bad their failure is!

This does not include the 700 billion dollars ripped from the Heritage Trust fund and put into general revenues making the ridiculous 10% flat tax possible.

Yes, it is a good time for Harper and Redford to spend time aboard trying to look like they are doing business with countries who have nothing to answer.

On the other hand the Alberta Liberals have met point on point every problem thrown up and have produced realistic policy changes to set this province on a correct course!
Reduce funding to Private schools (now get the majority of funding as Conservatives press to do away with the public school system

Do away with the mega health board  that will curtail greatly the privatization of medicine in this province and secure the ever failing universal coverage.

Protect and properly market the petroleum and gas shipped from this province.

Rail?  Shipping oil by rail cost between 2.00 and 2.50 per barrel!  Shipping the same material by pipeline costs 1/5 of that amount!  Take control of the rate of expansion of the tar sands.

Get involved in tuition for Grads and students in general.

And there is much more.  Take the time to look at the Liberal agenda! http://liberalopposition.com/

While you are at it consider the oil industry paid off the 700 thousand dollar debt accumulated by Mr. Taft.
The Liberals are so blessed by oil; you have nothing to fear there either!

You have nothing to fear as far as your jobs are concerned.  Typically at election time the Conservatives having no policies and a history of failure  will simply rant "jobs, Jobs and Jobs!"  Oil companies  will run adds for various professional and non professional positions but if you apply for those same positions you will be told nothing is going to happen for several years, just collecting names.

The Conservatives got a majority Government and the Wild Rose Nutters http://albertathedetails.blogspot.com/2012/08/alberta-putting-aside-fear-what-do-we.html  because only 21 % of the people who could vote, voted.

There is talk recently about Norway's success.  And, a lot of Conservative BS surrounds that conversation. 

The facts are that Norway has a large segment of their population educated with University degrees.  Not so Alberta.   Because they are educated they turn out to vote. Turn out is over 70%  They keep their Government honest.

If just 1/4 of the protesters (who are living in Alberta) voted you could throw the Conservative trash out!

The NDP is simply a vote splitter now;  they have not put out a policy on anything.  Big move is "to come up the center"   When I asked them their views on shutting down the oil industry such as I have heard their answer  was "We cannot be responsible for what our members say!  Scary!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

'RCMP should have been contacted earlier,' CATSA admits after airport pipe bomb discovery | CTV News

'RCMP should have been contacted earlier,' CATSA admits after airport pipe bomb discovery | CTV News

This is a lot to do about nothing.  The kid had a pipe for all intent and purpose an empty pipe that he adequately explained.

People watch too many American Movies!  There is a great difference between the US explosives laws and the Canadian Laws!  It's not like the movies!

In Canada if you were to mix baking soda and water in a jar the purpose being to blow up your house, you can be charged under the explosives act!   It is the intent that makes it an explosive in Canada; not the success or the lack of it!   This I think, is a good thing.

Don't forget that it is the intent, admitted, that at some point he and his friends were meddling with a pipe bomb like any normal kid in today's society.  Making rocket fuel or doubling up rocket motors to make a bang same thing; you can be charged under the explosives act.

No one was negligent at this airport; they used common sense.  This is a piece of pipe, nothing more, nothing less and you can't take it on the plane so, you get rid of it; it is not up to us to clean your garbage from your bag.

Lighten up people and take the time to know what you are doing and saying before you start.  That, is called responsibility.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Highway 19 Enough of the Political Lies and Engineering incompetence!

There is a plan for highway 19 alright!  It is not to be worked on until 2 other highways are fully  completed one being highway 53 into Fort McMurray which will take at least 10 years and cost twice as many lives in traffic on highway 19.  There is no budget for highway 19 in the Governments figures, that’s how far away things are.   All communities involved are aware of this. Between them they keep the ball in the air.

But, rather than mitigate some of the traffic disasters they chooses to turn a blind eye.  Considering these disasters were caused by stop lights that were slammed into place for a visual political plus and no thought put into how they were going to operate.  They have never been synchronized.

George Rogers the one time MLA for Devon did absolutely nothing for this town in regards to that highway when the opportunity was there.  I'm sure he's still treading water he is very low on the Conservative totem! 

The big screw up is the lights at the intersection of Airport Road, the 711 store and West jet parking.   2 sets of lights not synchronized at all. No thought given to traffic only thought being having a visual traffic post show they did something.

The results are horrendous if you have to drive it. 
The West Light starts red with a sold line of traffic waiting to go through it.
This string of traffic reaches back to the East set of lights.

At the East set of Lights there are people coming from Leduc, Nisku and Highway number two trying to get into a precious slot of any kind!  They have pulled across the oncoming traffic lane solidly blocking it waiting for a light change where, just maybe traffic that comes in on the light change will allow them to finish making the turn.  Traffic shut down 3 ways for hours at times.

If the vehicle happens to be a large truck it will take 5 changes of lights before it gets lined up behind a light to go straight ahead.   Traffic both ways are block solid for 5 changes and catch-up is a game of nerves.

If you happen to work at the Airport as many in Devon and Leduc do, it is a case of driving in the ditch to get into the Airport and looking for a 2 count break in traffic to crash through to get home. 

Because of this Governments absolute lack of commitment  for this area it is a death trap waiting to happen (still again).

The article would not be complete without talking maintenance on that extremely high traffic road.   The service roads (36 St Provincial jurisdiction) are not sanded.   The whole highway 19 is a sheet of ice at the best of times with only a the very minimum  of effort and material put in to make the drive anything other than a death wish.   Fresh snow make a windblown skating rink and no sanders are ever seen on that road!

Industry from Nisku  traffic from Calmar and Devon use this highway and, it is the route given to permitted truckloads by the Department of Highways compounding the risks!   This invites the use of the large high powered pickup trucks with one person singing along, owning the road at 30 km faster than the general 80 km/hr the road allows.   On the gas and on the brakes.  Ignorant bastards inconsiderate of any one else on the road and on a daily basis leap-frogging traffic; cutting off a dozen vehicles every trip to Nisku with every impunity.

Where do you go in this Government to find accountability of the maintenance contractors or the sloppy planning of engineers capable of better?  Or of the acknowledgement that is is the Government that is killing people on that horrible stretch of road, not the drivers.

One light problem is at the 635-19 marker (above highway 2 North).  This access loop from 2 rushes in to close this light and will stay immobile for 7 or more light changes if a large truck is in play. (This is the preferred route for Alberta highways to permit large loads by)  Because of no synchronization all lights are compromised!
To the left; Range Rd 251B intersects with 36 St E across highway 19
Morning traffic  from Calmar Devon etc are trying for 2 destinations.  The main batch being Nisku; now blocked  by the light above.  Traffic at this point may stretch 15 km west along highway 19.   Vehicles at this point, (usually larger pickups bought for that reason) travel on the shoulder, partially in the ditch in a crush to get to the 36st turnoff into the Airport.

 In the evenings people trying to get home risk their lives;  yes! Really! To get onto highway 19 westbound.  Beyond the split second timing there is the problem of very poor maintenance on this road so there is no grit on the road either 19 or 36 st to provide traction for a quick and controlled crossing.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Devon AB Trails

Before walking we enjoy some wild life in our front yard.

:Loki in his winter coat investigates.
Town Trails even in this extreme snowfall are cleared.  That adds Quality of Life.
Snowshoeing has become popular in and around Devon!  Snowshoe enthusiasts keep trails open for family walks and adventure in the outdoors.
Devon Town trails are all designated "Dogs on Leash"  or "Lead" as some of us say. This is one of the many poop boxes for recovered efforts.  The other side of these containers has a small attachment for dog poop pickup bags.   Now, that is really quality of life!

There must be 30 km of walking trails around Devon.  I don't know the figure but have never run out of somewhere new to go!  And, kept beautifully! Thanks Town of Devon.

Think family outings as you view these pictures.  This is the start of the "Creek Trail" and is designated Dogs on Leash.  The pictures following are a progression down this trail.(one of several trails)
The ever active snowshoe people have broken trail in places that is hard to imagine!

Here, Loki is curious about a beaver slide trail going towards the creek.

This snowshoe trail is leading into the den area of the coyotes!  This person should have had some protests from the little guys.

 Loki is a breed called  "Giant Decker"  He loves the snow but hasn't got the hair for it.

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