Saturday, May 21, 2016

Alberta and climate change.

Through out the years, Alberta has nourished a healthy agricultural industry.  But, why?

Alberta has only been less than 1 inch of moisture away from desert conditions!  Agriculture worked well not because of the amount of rain which we received but, the fact that it always arrived when we needed it.

Climate change has effected all that regularity.  What does the future hold?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Post Media on hard time; pulling coin from your pocket.

Post media to their credit dropped home delivery from 500 dollars a year to 400 dollars a year. That is sizable but still too high.  I cut my subscription.

They are pushing their on line readership at 120.00 per year for one paper.  If you decide you want the Financial Post or National Post that will be double thank you.

I am not subscribing to that either.

There are other news sources available.  Take the time, save a bundle and look.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The World is in Dire Straits!

Reported in detail on the CBC  the Northern coast line of Canada is showing hard evidence of global warning.  The Tundra is warming up; thawing out and re-freezing again and again.

As it gets warmer the amount of Tundra will become larger.

Canada's Tundra stores more then half of the World's methane the singular worst of the global warning gasses.    Add to this the millions upon millions of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide that is frozen into that same Tundra.

If we do not arrest global warning it will be the end of civilization as we know it.  And, its not going to take centuries to accomplish this dubious end!   A few years should put us around the corner!

The significance of what is happening will effect the world at large and cannot be understated.

With more than 70 per cent of all Canadian coasts located in the North, this expansive area is one of the regions in need of close attention in light of climate change.

Coastline climate change map
There is a huge amount of carbon stored in permafrost. Right now, the Earth's atmosphere contains about 850 gigatons of carbon. (A gigaton is one billion tons—about the weight of one hundred thousand school buses). We estimate that there are about 1,400 gigatons of carbon frozen in permafrost. So the carbon frozen in permafrost is greater than the amount of carbon that is already in the atmosphere today. That doesn't mean that all of the carbon will decay and end up in the atmosphere. The trick is to find out how much of the frozen carbon is going to decay, how fast, and where.
How will additional methane from permafrost affect global warming?
There are several opposing processes at work, which make this a hard question to answer. Warmer temperatures mean that permafrost can thaw and release methane to the atmosphere. But warming also means that the growing seasons in Arctic latitudes will last longer. When the growing season is longer, plants have more time to suck up carbon from the atmosphere. Since carbon in the air is what plants use to grow, it can also act as a sort of fertilizer under certain conditions. Then plants to grow faster and take up even more carbon. Right now, the Arctic takes up more carbon than it releases. This means that plants take up carbon during the growing season, but do not release as much carbon through decay. So we say that the Arctic acts as a carbon sink.

But if the Earth continues to warm, and a lot of permafrost thaws out, the Arctic could become an overall source of carbon to the atmosphere, instead of a sink. This is what scientists refer to as a "tipping point." We say that something has reached a tipping point when it switches from a relatively stable state to an unstoppable cycle. In this case, the Arctic would change from a carbon sink to a carbon source. If the Arctic permafrost releases more carbon than it absorbs, it would start a cycle where the extra carbon in the atmosphere leads to increased warming. The increased warming means more permafrost thawing and methane release.
if governments around the world knew how much methane could be released from permafrost, it could help them decide what to do about it. For example, they would know how much we need to reduce fossil fuel emissions from human activities. They would also need to know how much carbon the Earth is emitting on its own.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Rachel Notley claims power lines over built is the high cost of the lines; BS!

This is Notley's tax now; not the Conservatives.

In March 2015 ago it was announced there would be a $30 addition to every power bill in the province as a power line build tax. There is no ending date on this. There are 1.5 million meters spinning in this province which means a billion-dollar rip off every 2 years!

Notley would like to say the powerlines are over built but their design is to improve profitability of the generation people see: 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

When our Government is bigoted!

This is a great post by the Rebel it is showing  us the unholy ignorance of our NDP Government.

We can learn from this info; I don't think the NDP are capable of new learning.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Swiss Member of Parliament is fed up!

Excellent presentation, in German with again excellent subtitles in English.

Swiss member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger ...truth with passion that
few politicians in most countries speak. Maybe an awareness of what’s
happening will dawn on both sides of parliament in all European
countries, before it’s too late....

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Price of News papers is over the top!

In a crunch advertisement budgets take the first hit.   Consequently the revenues for news papers is way down.  They have all the thrift in play they can think of.

I subscribed to the Post Media  Edmonton Journal.

3 Years ago we were getting 7 day a week home delivery for about 90.00 /six months plus a carrier tip.  This included the National Post, Financial Post Calgary Herald and the Province in BC latters on line.

As the crunch tightened News Papers were cut from the Post Media list.  We ended up with Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald for 258.00/6 months.  Included on line comment.

I have had enough!   If the rates stay this high and the access remains this limited  there will be no renewal from me.

I really suggest you look at what you are paying and decided if it worth that much to you.  It sure isn't worth that much to me!

You guys are on notice!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

AESO = Albertans can expect 20.00/month increase on power bills to pay for new power lines.

AESO's document is called Long-Term Transmission Rate Impacts:

I  expected this kind of hype from power generators.  Fact is they are anticipating a 25-35%  increase in profits by switching to DC!  Here's why:

AC uses a smaller diameter line. AC travels inside that line and an immense amount of power is lost though heat and radiation. EMF. It is an art form keeping the power at a flow that is needed.  Any  over produced power and there is a lot of it, is sent to Ground. Gone! Nno profits.

DC uses a larger diameter line.  DC travels on the outside of the line and does not loose power though heat, friction or EMF.  Power generators  and operators can define finitely what they should be putting out for no loss to ground while still covering demands comfortably.  They only produce what is needed no more immense losses.  Power on demand.

There should be no increases if this Government is worth anything.

I think AESO should comment to my post. In a capital system, power lines like nuclear energy has their biggest cost in financing the projects. Not unlike you buying your home.  Worse case, they can borrow money at less than 2%.  The majority of the lines in this province are already paid for by taxpayers.

I think AESO are dipping both sides of the US/Canadian border for a cobbled up excuse for charging a lot more money.  All  with the knowledge of Notley and NDP who  are, like the Conservatives supporting indirect taxation wherever possible.

There are over 1 million meters  spinning in this province! That means 20 million a month income minimum for whom? For What?  That’s 240 million a year going back to what is basically a city own utility.   Is this how we pay for the coal being shut down?

 The Conservatives invented indirect taxation when they went to this so called market system. AESO have a bunch of really fine thinkers and doers on their staff, I have the upmost respect for them. But,, who do they work for? Who is strapped for cash ? And its getting worse as oil heads for the 20.00 mark as production outstrips  US consumption. Yes, ask AESO for a comment.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Devon:Christmas in the Park 2015

The Devon Lions club as members and as individuals put in a great deal of time in decorating the park and the Town of Devon, Town and Staff individuals put in their personal time and effort to make this local celebration a success along with the Credit Union.

Donations were also made by Hardy's  Independent Grocers, Fortis, Haduc Lumber, Carman Goldsmith, Mames R McDonald, Grounded, MacMillar Motos, Devon Chrysler, Reschke Fitz LLP, Bray Agencies and Wilf Bittner.  Also the Devon Bottle Depot, Mr. Printer, Aldritt Space for office, COP, Lionettes and the town Bus and a great deal on Busing!  The one Radio were very helpful and effective with promotion. Like few other very successful functions across this province, Christmas in the Park in Devon was a community effort like no other.  A rare experience in the goodness of people.

 The three Gentlemen above carry most the weight of the origination like buses, food and serving people. All are senior Lions and gave a tremendous amount of their personal time to the event. We thank  you.

There is Santa and his wife for the kids,  Cameras flash and the excitement is very high. More pictures will be added over the week as they come in.  This is a sampling:  I have missed much like the IGA booth for maple syrup snow,   And, the fire dancers who were mesmerizing.  Hope some of my friends or people who attended have pictures will take the time to email them to me.

 The Reindeer were and excitement for Kids and Parents signalling Santa was near.
 Foreground a cold tourist behind him one of the Jikitchens serving up hot dogs, hot chocolate and Chili.  Event starts at 5 PM with a bus ride to the Lions Park  Finishes up at 9Pm with a bus ride back to the staging area and our vehicles.
 Kid's mesmerized by the Reindeer who were snacking on their oats.
 On very excited and happy little girl, Reindeer behind her.
 One very excited and happy young man who won't allow being torn away from the Reindeer.
 Similar group from a side angle.  You could hear a chorus of "WOW"
 The Lion's Chalet hosted Santa and his wife for the whole evening.  Lineups were heavy and long.
 A collection of people in the Chalet at Santa time.  Center back is the original organizer.
The first event the Lion's expected 500 people and received over 1000!  Last year the event was cancelled due to -30 degree temperatures.   The year before last 5000 attended from around the country.
 Another collection of people  having fun.

 Santa welcoming still another child while the Devon Lion's Leo looks on and becomes part of the entertainment.
 Mrs. Santa and Santa have worked their hearts out on this service for several years.  Senior Lion's Members.
 Better look at Leo and the tree.
 Another assortment of people having a great time and a chance to warm up a bit.
 Still more people in the Santa lineup in front of the Lion's award wall.
 There has to be a lot dreams being passed on in this consultation.
 One little fellow a bit apprehensive.
 But, resolved.
 A young lady who has a lot to say and is laying it out for Santa.
 Appears the final deal is being shaped.
 And, made.
 This young man came away with a candy cane which he prizes.
 :Looked better before the flash went off.  Darkness, lights and many people.
 There were several fires like this going for warmth and comfort in a brisk evening. Something to envy while inviting friendship and sharing.
 This is story time, people sit on bales around a fire and a reader reads stories to them.   Popular for all ages, my guess would be the most popular event after Santa.
 Fire Engine was giving rids around the park.  No exhaust was visible until the flash went off.

 Fire Engine loaded with people ready to tour the park.
 Fire Engine from the side without the exhaust (and light)
 This is in a large heated tent.  Kids on this table are making necklaces and wrist bands out of pipe cleaners and a giant array of wonderful beads.
 Mom's get a workout while the kids build their dream necklacs.
 The other end of the tent opposite the beads is this interesting stop,  10 candies make a necklace Please; the sign says

One of a great many kids who have  had a full evening and looking for home and a bed.

I'm waiting for others photos to arrive.  The event is huge and covers a very large area and the crowds were heavy again; wonderful.

The mechanics:
It costs 5.00 for a family of 4 to catch the bus at the downtown lot. Can't miss it. Or, 2.00 per person.
No vehicles other than the Buses are allowed in or around the park.  Lots of buses to get back to you vehicle when ever you want.

No charge for the hot dogs, hot chocolate or chili. Just enjoy and smile with  every one else.
 Beautiful kids having the time of their lives with Santa and their dreams.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Devon Walking/Biking Trail Update 1

 Trails are now frozen easy walking.
 Beaver Dams allowed to expand greatly!  Dog can walk on them now.
 Another view of Beaver dams- See their forage on opposite bank
 This shot is better idea of how deep these dams are.  They are the reason the hills slump and take constant maintenance.
 Down stream from the one above
 Dog enjoys the listen; he knows better than to play with Beavers.

 Mud for dam and house are taken off the far bank,  This is still another dam on the small creek.
 More Beaver Dam
 There is a proliferation of posts along the trail.  They are I think intended to carry sign cautions for bikers.
 Below are to biker caution signs, Big hill  and twisty trail.  It is all pretty wonderful and a lot of bikes use these trails year round, Balloon tires and very low ratio gear sets mostly.  In past years we have made trail with walking and snow shoes.  I'm not  sure if further plans are in the works or not.  If someone does, send me an email and I will  update the page.   Trails like this have been looked after by a single cyclist!  On his own he cuts junk trees and makes lining along the trails, has built a bridge across a low spot, sink hole thing, all by himself.  The man as made a great difference when it comes to winter treks.

 First skiff of snow adds a wonder of beauty to the woods.  Loose Leaves on the trail makes going downhills a bit tricky.  I use 2 walking sticks.  That works!
 First Skiff
First Skiff
 Better view of Beaver Dams Each one is holding back 2500 cm of water!

 I use ice cleats and two walking sticks: When snow gets heavier, if ever I will be using my Faber 3' snowshoes.

This is the lower dam now just starting Construction.  New Kits will finish it next spring, perhaps over the winter.

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