Friday, March 27, 2015

Alberta Budget-prone to a lot of things! Including your vote.

We are brought to this point because the people of Alberta decided it didn't matter to vote!  Chances are statistically if you are reading this you are one of them!

Complaining is not the same as voting!  You can bet the Conservatives will make it nearly impossible for  you to vote by last minuet changes to addresses and so on.  They have changed the vote parameters such the country vote is worth 6 of the urban vote.  That means if you are city or urban you have to turn out!  If you don't there is a financial hell awaiting you!   You can't afford to live here; I don't care what you think your situation is.

The Conservatives figure they can turn this sinking ship around using old conservative policy and practice!

First off:  Paying more for health care means paying for most of it!  It is a conservative dream to totally privatize health care!  And, they are using this self made crisis to institute it.   Witness: Alberta Blue Cross has hit the province with  a whole new batch of signup applications.   And being a Conservative organization they fail to tell you they cover nothing until you are signed up for a year!

A 50 dollar office call is nothing to Prentice and his crew. This is what you have to look forward to.

The Opposition parties have all camped on a 2500 dollar additional cost for every family!  The figure is closer to and if not over 5000 dollars extra to shell out.  Remember it is not  your expenses it is a money grab through the resulting taxes to support this Government so it can continue uninterrupted.

If you happen to be a small business with a store front remember your customers are out of pocket 5 grand before they wake up in the morning!  Rather than you worrying about your cheap income tax it is time to worry about your customer base!

We have a 30.00 charge coming at us on our utilities bill for electricity. This goes into the Government's pocket! There are 1.5 million meters spinning in this province; that is billions of dollars over the next few  years and 360 dollars per year out of your individual pockets that is one of the things not named in their budget speech and because there is a lot of thing not unlike it that I'm saying its going to cost  you over 5 grand!

The Globe reported that Norway has over a Trillion dollars in offshore banks (to ease the burden of their local economy)  Alberta took all our money and tucked it into oil corporation pockets!  That doesn't effect pensions!  That went straight into foreign operational capital.

Norway has free University for those who want it!  Norway has health care second to none in the world free!  And, they have had a socialist Government throughout! As world bankers they are coasting through this downturn which is going to last another 6  years minimum perhaps more.  We have lost all of our oil markets!  Cushing Ill where Alberta crude goes is filling more every day even though they try to get rid of it.  Cushing is one of 5 of the US oil security areas in the US.

Obama is busy building 11,600 miles of new 36" diameter pipeline across their nation to become oil self sufficient.  That market gone too!

The Price of oil is being pushed up by speculation and speculation alone!  Obama took oil from the reserves in the US when oil hit 100.00 a barrel.  That helped drop the price of oil.  There is no product more heavily manipulated than oil!  We have lost our customers!

There is no new oil contracts!  We are paying premium 2.50 per barrel to ship rail oil to Cushing to be stored!  Our oil is no more or less volatile than is the stuff moving out of the US Bakkans. Just wait!  What differs is the amount of Condensate (our's is less). But, it goes bang no matter how much is in it. Alberta's storage is topping up too; then what?

Obama is facing a date in which he has to start replacing the oil he  has drawn. My guess is he will say to hell with that date like he has disregarded so many things leaving the speculators to bankrupt themselves and he will hold out for his 20.00 oil or as close as he can get to it to replenish.

And  you hear effected unions crying pure BS!   I ask you where are the 80,000 new Albertans going to come from?   We are bleeding population every day!  And, we have at least 6 more years of the bleed.  People are finally going home; in droves.   The new houses up for resale are heart breakers.

We have one chance and one chance only to survive this in any semblance of  personal comfort and that is to vote NDP; the only sane voice in the Frey!   There are a lot of ways to approach these problems and the Conservative way is shown not to work!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The real update on Canada's oil (bad) situation.

The embargo against Russia started it all! Behind this was Germany's Merkel; not one to be shy. Russia cut the world's best (lowest) deal with China who was the golden target for oil for the western world the world of optimism; gone!

Long term and cheap! China has 5 LNG producing plants in Indonesia. The low prices China received caused her to say they were not making sufficient money and put the lot up for sale!

The Chinese operators slashed prices on LNG. Putting the Saudi into It is this low-ball LNG contest working the Saudi Market.   That dictates what the Saudi will produce. It is a BTU fight; not an oil fight.

The world looked to Japan as a huge LNG market.  Japan was forced to pay 16.00 and 17,00 per mcf which North America bought for 3.00 for the same amount. 

And, then; a change of Government in Japan who immediately started up its 3 operational Nuclear plants but not without  first asking Obama if they could be included in the North American 3.00 gas.Obama said "NO!"

This same Japanese Government has said it will have 6 more nuclear plants operating within 2 years. And, there goes the get rich fast dreams of BC and Indonesia who were selling into Japan at 15.00 and 17.00.  Japan's economy has made major improvements since.

Obama has oil shale for a new toy and has Guaranteed his producers a minimum price per barrel regardless of where the world price goes.  There has been 11,600 miles of new pipeline built from the Bakken to mid America to hook onto Gulf pipelines while Keystone is stalled. I didn't know that was legal! 

Obama then, he reduced the Saudi access into the Gulf Refinery while inking a deal with Mexico to put their supply into the Gulf for the first time.  This put more pressure on the Saudi and the world.  It is US self interest that is propelling this disaster and "our" oil companies are for the most part US and China owned.

The shale has topped up the US national storage so there is no quick unloads for all those tankers that are being used as storage. (2008 seen the US empty them into their inventory that isn't there now!)

The largest available storage is Cushing IL. and it is almost full if not so already!

The prospects of a pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf coast get lower every day as shale pipelines increase  Through its new Shale pipeline network 11,600 miles of new pipe put down already with communities signing on to the land access with no problems.

Shale has a Achilles heel! It is high in condensate, the stuff Gasoline is made of and the stuff that determines if the finished product is P40 P50 or JetB. Lots left over to make Avgas so much so that Obama passed laws saying the US for the first time can export condensate.

The Achilles Heel is in the tank cars floating lots of condensate. When gasoline is made out of it a chromium additive is put in so that the sloshing of the gas will take its ever present static charge to the ground of the gas tank to bleed away harmlessly. No such additives are added to the tank cars because the chromium is harmful in other products down the line. It takes very little gasoline to contaminate a diesel storage tank!

When I was training Dangerous Goods handling in oil patch and industry I was asked to figure out why the trucks that haul from the crude lines to other refinery or tanks were catching fire on occasion. So, I looked at the operation. 

The truckers had tied a styrene Perfex jug to a styrene line to the bottom of their tank. On a one man operation, he could stand at the line valve and turn the vapour rich hot oil off when the plastic jug showed up at the lid (vent) at the top of the tank.

What was happening; the styrene has a high propensity for static electricity. The bottle would take on a very large charge from the oil. When it touched the upper rim of the tank it would discharge harmlessly if the contact was in a vapour rich environment.

However, if there was a wind blowing and their often is, there would be lean vapour area at the truck tank vent and when the bottle arched there, it would catch the truck on fire!
Think back to the rail cars this stuff is sloshing around and there is no antistatic additives. When they go over and splash there has to be some place in that catastrophe where the air mixture is right and, up it goes.

The only way condensate content could be controlled as Obama has said is for a small refinery to be at every well head. In short, its not going to happen! Those crude oil cars remain very dangerous if they go over and the oil industry is fully familiar with this.
No, this isn't about Saudi supply nor is it about Japan's refusal to be gouged any more. It is however about a complete collapse of the traditional oil markets.  It is about the US self interest and getting the infrastructure in place before Obama is out!   Wait until the pipelines start to blow!
There is no upside! And pipelines to the sea will help in about 10 years time. My bet is we will see 20 dollar oil pretty soon and it will be lasting.

The Gulf refinery strikes are causing the filling of storage even faster so the crap storm is heading our way, even faster

To digress just a bit!  Alberta Conservatives are tapping power line construction for billions of dollars to cover their cash shortage and its all coming from your pockets (again).
AESO announced a 20.00/month increase starting immediately to cover unnamed errors.  This is to be replaced with a 30.00 per month charge soon after.
There are 1.5 million meters in this province.
At 20.00 That is 3 million dollars per month income for Prentice and company or 36 million dollars a year and they don't say how many years this is going to run!

At 30.00 per month that is 4.5 million dollars per month or 54 million dollars a year fresh taxation onto Albertans.  Yet, the Conservatives say no to a progressive tax system as in effect in the rest of the country instead leaving it on the flat tax which middle class Albertans pay the bulk of the taxes.

We need a different kind of Government to get us through this crisis; we do not need more of the same which promises to go on for more than 6 years!  The Conservatives have been lying their through their teeth on the evils of socialism and you have been eating it up like kids to candy.

Norway since it broke away from Sweden has had a continuing Socialist Government!  They have hundreds of billions of dollars in the banks off shore.  Off shore so as not to mess with the local economies.  Every Norwegian is guaranteed a university education free if they want it.   Their medical facilities are among the most advanced in Europe!  There is no shortage of professionals to staff the health care!  There is no shortage of beds!.

The Conservatives have robbed our Heritage fund of more than 700 billion dollars.  They have run a 30% discount on our oil for over 10 years.  This amounts to trillions lost to the province and producers.

I am going to continue to support the NDP, the only party that has shown any degree of sanity.
If you don't vote; nothing will change and you will hate the outcome.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Conservatives taxing us though our power lines?

#Here is a new and I think, accurate supplication as to what is going financially with the Conservatives. I don't believe in coincidences!
First off AESO is not prone to error. In their business they can’t be flippant with money! Yet they declared what amounts to a couple billion dollars error in oversight.
They tell us our power bills will go up immediately by 20 dollars a month (previously unseen cost in power line-adjustment) and thereafter within a month or so it will jump to 30.00 per month. They presented this in the same fashion of a line charge (a charge that goes onto a bill for a specific repair and comes off when the project is completed). However they never said what the money was needed for, who was going to get it!
There are 1.5 million meters spinning in this province and the conservatives are looking for cash. At 25.00 per month it works out to 37.5 million dollars a year! At 30.00 per month it comes up to 45 million dollars a month. That in turn will give the Conservatives 540 million dollars a year. Half a billion year of indirect taxation without a blink from the public!   Over the next 10 years that will be 10 billion dollars and everyone will  have forgot why its on there.
No answers are forthcoming from AESO or the Conservatives. Some bright star in the Conservative fold has though “The cities can get away with it unchallenged,why can't we?”

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why oil cars will keep on blowing up!

This is an opportunity for Canadian oil to put a curb on Bakken US crude being shipped rail with a linage of fiery derailments.
The #thing that is catching fire is the Condensate that is part of the crude mixture. Condensate is used to make gasoline and to mix different grades of diesel and jet fuel. It has a high propensity for generating static electricity on its own! All it needs is a proper air mixture to ignite it usually found at the vent.

Because of this your #gasoline in your car has a chromium additive "FISK" or similar. The idea here is to allow the static electricity to drain off the surface of the gasoline in the tank to walls of the car keeping it safe to drive while sloshing around.

The crude oil has no such additives and when the crude is jostled and splashed around in the tank cars the liquid retains it's static charge. If this charge is discharged at an air source with a proper minimum air mixture it will ignite; explode.

Supposedly new tank car design has nothing to do with curing this problem. There is no chromium additive to the crude that is in them because this additive would affect all product made from the crude which is not desirable for a number of reasons.

#So long as crude is shipped in tank cars there are going to be explosions and fire.

A bit on static and petroleum.
There was a time when #oil tankers were blowing up while travelling light on the ocean. It was suspected for years it was mines left over from the second world war.

Ireland would get its oil from Venezuela and it was loaded boiling hot. By the time the tanker got to Ireland and other points north, the crude had cooled more or less solidified. The ships prepared for this had giant sprinkler systems built into these mammoth size tanks. Going south the oil residue would warm in the tankers. In doing so it would give off its condensate into the tank atmosphere.
When the ship turned on its sprinklers, the sprinklers (free falling spray of sea water) would create sufficient static electricity for ignition.

More times than not the resulting residue could be pumped into the ocean leaving the tanks clean and empty. However; occasionally the conditions existed for a lightning storm in the tanks blowing the tankers out of the water.

The same risks remain prevalent in rail transport of bulk flammable liquids. Safety generally depends on keeping a vapour rich atmosphere in the tanks offering no ignition source. But, the static is always there and if it is in a collision or upset chances are in favor of an explosion.

Petroleum products in trucks.
Tanker trucks were catching fire in the oil patch.  The drivers were standing by the tanker trucks watching for a tethered perfex bottle to appear at the vent.  The fires seemed random with no explanation available.   I was asked in as "The Dangerous Goods Training Center" and found their whole lack of knowledge of static electricity was putting them in harms way on a daily; hourly basis.

The crude that came out of the pipes was hot and carried a very high static charge from friction.  Because it was hot  a vapour rich area was formed in the void of the tank.  As the tank filled, HVB and LVB (condensate components) was forced out of the vent on top of the tank leaving a vapor rich area around the vent.  When the perfex bottle appeared at the vent it would discharge as polypropylene has a high propensity for collecting static electricity. 

If however there was a light breeze blowing across the vent it would leave a lean air mixture at the vent perfect for ignition on static discharge.

Other areas was the filling of the trucks at the racks.  They  had long nozzles hanging on the racks unused opting instead for the lighter shorter foot long nozzle.  Splash filling a flammable liquid was the norm.  They learned a bit about static electricity and opted for the long spouts to fill the tanks from the bottom.

After 2 such seminars the oil companies barred me from going back.  I advocated clean coveralls and coverall change being available. I advocated proper earthing procedure and some racks were not equipped for proper earthing.  My seminars would last up to 6 hours as I handled all questions.   This apparently too much for oil to take.

Point is it is another venue where tankers blow up and that is not going to change.  Oil companies should check their Liability Insurance if they wish to continue.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Recovery in a few years a dream!

We won't see the first part of a recovery for  6 years perhaps 7 and here is why.  The President of France has asked the EU to give up on the Russian Embargo which would do nothing at this point in time! He was rejected. Countries are playing down the Embargo and are more or less blaming the oil and LNG problem on fairies. Putin hooped them!

 Here is a link to what we could have been.

Oil suppliers around the world are leasing tankers for 1 to 2 years to store oil they can't sell with options to lengthen.  They are also saying times are better than 08 as there are more tankers available!

This stored oil will have to be used up before any new production can make it into the pipes. I'm saying 5 years for any improvements and 6 or 7 years before there is storage for new oil output. But; the world is set perfectly for a #protracted war.   Only a catastrophic failure like a war starting in the middle east and escalating though the Crimea and the world can change this scenario and, for the worse. Our young people as cannon fodder again.  

Recent propaganda pictures of Putin talking nuclear strike alternatives with his henchmen is at this point saber rattling.

Alberta's oil is being shipped by rail to the US where it goes into storage in Cushing Ill. Storage is expensive and limited.  The oil pipelines from Cushing to Texas Gulf are hitting their own problems it will be years before there is one; if then.

The US cannot refuse Canadian oil but it is all mixed in with market capacity in the US.  Obama signed a deal with Mexico to allow them to ship to the Gulf Refinery.  Obama has a surplus of oil coming out of shale that wasn't there before.   #Both these large items reduce the amount of oil they have to take from Canada!  Obama is hooping the Republicans who incidentally did the same thing to him.   

The Bakken Shale oil  is very high in High Vapor Base apparently.  This is the stuff that gasoline is made of.  Static build up in transit can cause ignition when exposed to enough air.  You either use to to make Gasoline or you reinject it back into the strata.  If you choose the latter it will turn out like Norman Wells, NWT where so much #condensate was injected back that it started to show up as an increasing high content at the wellhead meaning more cost and time to get it out of the oil so they can make P30;40 50 and jet fuel.  Point is it does not come out of a separate spout it is part of the crude!  US oil lies when it says they have in any way increased the flash point of their crude!  I see room for lawsuits here!

It is so rich in HVB which is very volatile the cars were self igniting causing ruling they had to reduce the amount of condensate in the crude.  Mini Refineries at wellhead?    They did this but still have had 3 fiery crashes which means they have to cut back more if they are serious about prevention.    This puts a glut of condensate in the US who now, for the first time ever have given permission to export condensate from the US.  Worthwhile to note our Tar Sands needs Condensate to enrich the crude.

#Prentice (Alberta) tells us here on the 18th there will be 3 years before any oil norms are reached!  That is Impossible and still another lie!  I'm saying the #oil will still be in those tankers at least  4 years down the road and that will have to be used before they can tap into new production. I'm saying up to 7 years before there is an improvement and predicting thousands laid off in the meantime.  As of now we have lost all of our markets! 

Consumer buying power in the west will be drastically reduced further dampening the world economy.  This is a bad time to be over financed on dream homes and boy's toy's! 

Obama has helped his people by guaranteeing companies in the shale production a working price on their oil.  Alberta can't do that; they blew it all; giving it away to oil!  We have nothing to face except higher taxes.

Prentice is jigging to get himself past the spring election as is Harper and this pipeline will give them another shot at the ring where there is nothing in their futures now.

#Harper and Kenny's bizarre immigration plan to legalize American oil patch illegals does nothing better than compound the problems faced by Alberta and all provinces! The criminal element they brought in with their stand on no vetting; no background checks is coming back to bite us. No matter which way you look at it Conservatives have made it worse.  Vancouver BC is now reporting Mexican Cartel gangs running the dope.  We never had that before!

In 2008 the Americans purchased the surplus oil in the tankers shortening considerably the drought. Not so this time, the Americans have their own shale oil they are topping up their storage!

As for #Saudi being the bad guys? It is simply not so! 

At the heart of it all is the West embargo on Russia who immediately responded with Gazprom inking a long term cheap oil and LNG deals with China. China to this point was the sacred market of the west including BC. I say cheap and long term because *China responded by saying their LNG plants (5 of them) in Indonesia are not making money enough so put them all up for sale! China's CNOOC Ltd is now declaring large losses on their petroleum.

The #Chinese operating company of these LNG (China's CNOOC Ltd) plants started their own price cutting scheme about the same time Gazprom declared an increase in output and opened up exports increasing them in Indonesia, China and Russia. All this is #Saudi turf; what would you have them do? 

It is Putin who hooped our diplomats and took our markets; not the Saudi. I see #Merkel's hand on all of it.

The US limited Saudi input into the Gulf refinery hurting them further. This, while Obama inked a deal with Mexico to import their heavy crude into the Gulf Refinery and haul away Condensates to upgrade their crude in their own country. 

Perhaps Obama is playing the long game; looking 7 years down the road and wants a place to put the US oil?

This put the cold wash on the Keystone pipeline. At best; a world of uncertainty. In case you missed it; all of our existing markets have gone!  #Stopping the embargo on Russia is not going to change anything now. Its in the works for years to come.

Japan (Christies(BC) big dream) who the petroleum people looked upon as a gold mine asked Obama if they could get in on the 3.00 LNG market north America. He said no. Christie in BC's get rich fast deal went down the tubes. A new Government in Japan! Immediately 3 nuclear plants re-commissioned with notice they will build 6 more state of the art plants within the next two years. 

The Conservatives in Alberta have been lying for years. They have pulled trillions of dollars yes, Trillions out of Alberta's economy and tucked it into the oil pockets. 

Quick list:
Heritage trust frozen at 5% everything else went into General Revenues as taxes.. Loss to Alberta  over 700 billion dollars.

They discounted our oil by 30% going into any deal. Trillions lost there over the years. 

We collect zero for royalty and have not collected any for several years. Multi millions lost there. 

Flat tax: middle class pay the bulk of the taxes; industry gets a free ride.  This is money taken off your table.

I don't want to loose my home; my pensions. I will be supporting the Federal Liberals and the Alberta NDP who will put in a variable tax like the rest of Canada has. The 10% tax in place makes the middle and low income pay the lion's share of the taxes while oil floats free. The Alberta Liberals take the same position.  A link to their platform and history  

Other choices?  None realistically.  The Alberta Party was invented by the oil companies not to win anything, but to split the vote on the left because they haven't gone anywhere to date they probably don't get the bills paid for by oil.  

No my friends, there is no up side!

Other Ministers have been busy too.  Cardinal sold or leased all the crown free grazing lands on the east slope of the Rockies to the Agra Food Industry (Nestle?)  That is where all our water aquifers start!  First in line, first in time for settling water disputes.

When an oil company #asked for a bucket of water they were given a swimming pool!  In this way the Conservatives used up all the water allotments.  On one side these allotments can be sold; Is this the end of Provincial ownership?  On the other end oil companies can claim they used only a small portion of their allotments when challenged on their use of the water.

Brooks ran short of water because of their allotment numbers not because there was no water available.  They #paid an oil company 1 million dollars for a portion of their water allotments who in turn claim they gave it to an unnamed charity.  A second allotment was bought from an Conservative insider for an undisclosed amount.

The St. Mary's water agreement was/is under pressure.  The Americans figure now they were hooped when they gave that amount of water off the St. Mary's Glacier to Canada.

Cardinal worked his crooked magic.  The #Water Association for St. Mary's was overhauled.  If a person did not have property on the St. Mary's aquifer they were removed from any membership.  Only people who were actually on the aquifer could vote.  Rock piles that were on the aquifer but not leased or owned were quickly sold to insiders it is all about the privatization of water in Alberta and Canada.

It is a good time to mention #Harper has three times refused to acknowledge water as a human right in Canada!  It brings to mind a photo I seen about a Bechtel water operation in I think Africa.  Only blacks in the picture carrying tin petro buckets on their heads and a person being refused water because he didn't have 5 cents to pay for a bucket full.

Harper has turned loose hundreds of #water export permits from Canada. The Royal Bank holds a lot of them.

When Klein "privatized" Electricity he invented Power Purchase Agreement.  A generator could not own transmission was at the crux of it so the generation from each plant was sold as a PPA public bids were asked for, no names of who bid or what was bid were ever released.  Big buck insiders reported as the participants.  Reports of the PPA's being flipped as many as 3 times before being handed over to the cities.  Millions in profits were taken every flip.

It was reported at the time the Alberta taxpayers lost 7 billion dollars in the deal!   This ushered in the era of indirect taxation.  Less money was given by the province to the cities.  The cities were given free reign on what they charged for power or what they added on as line charges (Line charge being 1 item on the bill that presumably comes off when the item is paid for)   EPCOR made it to National Geographic in April 2010 as being the highest priced water in the world.  Fortis have been said to say they are not making any money in Alberta and want out.  Soon after a US private buyer was announced by the Government. 

AESO who are not prone to error declared a several billion dollar error.   Who could have guessed?
They said we will be billed 20 dollars more per month initially moving rapidly up to 30.00 per month.
There are 1.5 million meters spinning in Alberta. At 20 dollars a meter is 3 million dollars a month new income for someone.  At 30 dollars per meter is 4.5 million dollars a month for someone or #54 million dollars a year for no defined number of years  of indirect taxation; no explanations.

BC's #Site C dam has been refused for years because at 1100 mwh it cannot pay for itself. However it does create a lake from which water can be pumped year around which is required by the Weatherford project. Site C is about exporting the Peace River not about generating electricity!

I don't see how Christie can make sweeping good will promises in this wreckage of an economy we are living in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Conservative cut the most vulnerable first!

#Cancer *building first thing on their cut off list!

Alberta's History on Conservative Political Parties.

The Alberta Conservatives have been in power for 40 years.  They cannot be investigated by the RCMP unless given permission to do so by the Attorney General of Alberta!  Because of this they dip into whatever funds are in their control at will.

Municipal and Union Pensions are used for finance purpose but, no details are given out as to what the lending rates are; if any.  Conservatives have long thought and often alluded to the fact the Provincial Pensions are too fat (not for the elected officials, just the rank and file workers)  I would bet money on the pension funds being underpaid by cheap lending!  This is why they will not allow a Federal Securities Presence in Alberta.

There is no accountability, they work completely beyond the law!  If there happens to be money left over they find a way to shuttle it into the pockets of the oil companies.  Your kids and your futures are not their problem or concern.

Their score board:

Heritage Savings and Trust shorted of 700 billion dollars by freezing profits at 5% taking everything above and putting it into General Revenues to be spent as taxes while bragging the cheapest taxes in North America.  This is money that could have saved your homes.  Think of that when the massive layoff comes after the election.

Changing the electricity to their "Market" model.  The divesting of the power lines from the power companies was done by an instrument named Power Purchase Agreements and worked under the acronym of "PPA"  The initial cost to Alberta Taxpayers was 7 billion dollars in material loss. 

The Government asked for public bids on the PPAs and bidding was done.  Who bid what was never divulged.  It is reported the PPAs were flipped as many as three times while insides picked up millions in money handoffs all this adding to the price of electricity.

Some generation was not as popular as others  The high price of gas making the difference so the insiders didn't want this.  They were picked up the Power Corporation, the principal  company of Great West Life, ushred by Don Mazankowski, insider.

How much the Power Corporation was paid for buying up these unwanted PPAs and sitting on them has never been divulged.   Mark down the inside number of 7 billion dollars.

These past 5 years nothing has been collected for royalty. Loss to Alberta on that I would place at 5 million dollars inside.

Oil Discounts 30% going back 10 years. Going though the door the price was set at either WTI or BRENT which ever was lowest less 30%   That is mind boggling!  I place it at 3 trillion dollars a year or 30,000,000,000,000  (30 Trillion)
 (What is missing from the Alberta Treasury: 700,000,000,000 Heritage Trust (700 billion)
         5,000,000,000 Lost royalty (5 million)
30,000,000,000,000 Oil Discounts (not because of competition but Conservative policy)30 trillion)
         1,000,000,000 Power bill increases. Who gets the money? (1 billion inside could go to 10 easily)
         6,000,000,000 Originally stolen from the #AIMCO (6 billion to create a make work program for illegal immigrants (mostly American) working in the oil patch while Albertans were unemployed and running out of EI.  I alerted the unions. Conservatives denied everything finally making a settlement of some kind with the Unions.

This is all money if handled by a Government who looked after the population rather than the oil companies would have pulled us through this crisis 10 times over!   

Add to this the Taxes collected through indirect taxation.  That would be the utilities turned over to the cities to charge for as they like.  Which brings me to the new power lines being built so the Tar Sands can export their surplus power to the US yet, you and I pay for them on our utility bills!

#AESO is not prone to error! They said our power bills were going up initially by 20.00 per month times 1.5 million meters  is 30 million dollars a month 3,600,000 per year and in a very few  years will go up to 30.00 per month or 4,500,000 dollars a year X 20 years is a billion dollars!  Who is going to get this billion dollars plus and why all the costs are down!

Public Education has been trashed.  To pass all your kids need is a good attendance record. No grades considered.  In the coming layoffs these same young people will be poorly positioned to find employment. Kids from any other province will be able to take jobs from them because they have a real senior matriculation; your kids have a grade 10 equivalent.   Your kids future will probably be with the criminal element if you don't change this Government!  It would take them years of upgrading before they would be accepted into university; that's how bad it is!  

The Conservatives parachuted Raj Sherman into the Liberal Party with the soul purpose of wrecking it.  This history of the Liberal Party will be handled in a Separate post.

You have a choice now of voting,  yes, that simple and get rid of the Conservatives and put this province on a paying scale.  Or you can continue to coast letting the Conservatives sell your kids into a second class life while private schools which you cannot afford pick up most of the funding which, has just increased.  Alberta has the highest level of working poor in Canada!

We compare Alberta to Norway.  Norway has hundreds of billions in the Bank and are Europe's Bankers  They promise and deliver a university education to their adults; free.  Having the smartest population in Europe, they turn out 70% of their population for every vote!  They keep their Governments Honest.

Ahead of us we have the bulk export of water to the US.  With the Conservatives, as with the oil you will pay for all the construction and the companies holding the export permits (royal bank example) will pick up the profits. You won't be able to live here because you can't afford it.  Alberta already has the largest percentage of working poor in Canada!   You can change this with a vote!

Alberta Liberals a history of deceit.(additional Info)

Alberta's first provincial election was called for November 9, 1905, with A.C. Rutherford's Liberal Party winning 23 of the 25 seats. On March 15, 1906, Lieutenant Governor George Bulyea addressed a crowd of 4,000 at Edmonton's Thistle Curling Rink, officially beginning Alberta's first session of the Legislative Assembly. As part of the business for the day, Charles Fisher, MLA for Cochrane, was elected Speaker.

Soon after theelection, Arthur Sifton resigned to become a Member of the Union Government in Ottawa, and Charles Stewart took over the leadership of the Liberal Party. Falling grain prices and the inability to finance all the proposed irrigation projects in southern Alberta resulted in waning support for the Liberals. By 1921, farmers were looking for someone who would better represent their interests.  #Sounds a lot like what is going on today doesn't it?

Time moved forward a century and we come upon #Kevin Taft and his #wife who jointly ran the Liberal party in Alberta some say his wife ran it and he followed.  The Liberal party ended up with 700 million dollars in 
debt. During his last election, Stelmach was his opponent #Taft made a deal with the Devil!   #The 700  million in debt magically disappeared!   

In return at the 11th hour Taft appeared to try to change the agenda of the very popular lack of royalty debates into some nonsense that had nothing to do with the election.   The only companies in Alberta at that time who could put up that amount of coin was the #oil companies.  #It is safe to assume they sold their soul at the point in time.

The Alberta NDP gained rapidly in popularity.  So much so it is apparent now that it caused the Conservatives parachute Raj Sherman into the Alberta Liberals were he took over leadership which can only be seen now as pre arranged.  The oil were busy setting up the Wild Rose Party and the Alberta Party simultaneously.  #Wild rose were to play the #ugly sister to #Redford thereby securing the Conservative Government giving false hope for change to a #frustrated and #largely uninformed #Albertan.  #The Alberta Party were to split the vote on the left #making sure there was no chance for an anti Conservative Government.  Will they evolve, stand on their own two feet and join with the NDP?  Time will tell.

Now, mostly due to my efforts I'm ashamed to say, the #Liberals were in a position the pick up the #new votes in Alberta, possibly putting them into Government instead of a comfortable opposition for the Conservatives.

So at the 11th hour, supposedly too late to change anything, Raj did his swan song leaving the Liberals leaderless and his riding wins immediately fall away to the #Federal Liberals.  I have to wonder it #Trudeau knows what he is getting in bed with!  

#Blakeman is coasting with her head down.  I'm suggesting she is a #wasted vote.  If she is really true to her ideals she will join the #Alberta NDP.  The #Liberal manipulations go way beyond what trust can handle.  Its really too late for them now.

We #compare Alberta to Norway.  Norway has hundreds of billions in the Bank and are Europe's Bankers  Every cent of this money was put there by #Socialist Governments. Not the marching boots the Conservatives would have you believe.

They promise and deliver a university education to their adults; free.  That is socialism!  Having the smartest population in Europe, they turn out 70% of their population for every vote!  They keep their #Governments Honest.

#Ahead of us we have the bulk export of water to the US.  With the Conservatives, as with the oil #you will pay for all the construction and the companies holding the export permits (royal bank example) will pick up the profits. You won't be able to live here because you can't afford it.  Alberta already has the largest percentage of working poor in Canada!   You can change this with a vote!

Vote rules have changed to favor the Conservatives
Make sure you are on a voters list then, your life depends on it, vote!
And, if you want a change for the better; vote NDP!

Some History:
Email sent to the Alberta Liberals 3/20/2013
Subject Not so small crisis! Personal attention of Raj Sherman.
When Mr Taft deliberately threw that election with 3 days left to go; the Alberta Liberals were some 700 thousand dollars in debt.   After he threw the election you were debt free.

It doesn't take a genius to point out you were bought off by the oil people!

It has now crossed my mind that It is your party, as much as the Alberta Party who are  in place to split the vote to the left.

Now, If I am wrong please tell me.  Your actions or non actions would show that I am very correct in this
No response given,

Email sent 3/27/2012
It appears you guys are going down the same tube you went down the last couple of elections!

There is no policy statement out.
Candidates might as well be from another planet!

It appears to have Taft’s stamp on the muddle again and if that is the case; get out of it!

At some point there will be candidates meetings.  From what I see your people have no idea how to face off in that arena.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you to send me email links or private emails to your candidates and let me coach them.  I have 10 years of public speaking in my background and I have a knowledge of this province second to none.

It is with more than casual alarm I write this note!
John Clark

Response requested.  (none received)

Subject an update please.

Dr. Sherman told rank and file the Liberal Party would not run in the next election.

Since then, there has been very little exposure of the Liberals in the media.

It is my opinion the Liberals screwed away the past two elections following Mr. Taft’s ideals of staying to the “high ground” and  being  overly
Concerned with protecting the honor of the office and prestige of the politic.

I’m told by respected people within the Liberal Caucus that the party is being run, hands on, by Mr. Taft and his wife.  

The way it is looking now, is that the Conservatives have very much taken over the Alberta Liberals with the insertion of Dr. Sherman.  Also, it appears  you are having trouble getting people to run for you now.  I take that as meaning the populace doesn’t know where you are at or where you are going.  This, because of a lack of straight and candid conversation.

People in Alberta are going to vote for a change this time around.  With the obvious absence of the Liberal party on the scene, it seems the WRP will gain ground even though I trash them regularly .

My blog, is doing very well mostly because of my national and international postings.  I now use the blog for full articles on the news where comment only allow a very short response.  I target Conservative/Republican  papers and organizations.  It is surprising what a bit of reason will do.

In brief;  What in hell is going on?  Some straight answers please otherwise, I  will be supporting the NDP.

Again, no response.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weatherford Project detailed.

First Published SUNDAY, APRIL 01, 2012  

Weatherford Project the start of a gigantic transfer of water to the US. The whole program is adequately explained here: NAWAPA  (Credit to Richard Weatherhill)  This video is a US concept shown in its best light bought into whole heartedly by the Harper and Prentice Conservatives.

The *Conservative Government has a fully mechanically  engineered project sitting on their shelf from the 1980s.  It is as valid today as when it was paid for. Harper has removed the Navigable water protection from the River making it all possible.  It's in play now!

This is the Weatherford project, the design being to move up to 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River into the USA! 

#The project has 8 large electrical lift stations in it, each one using the power of a large city.  This is immense and under a Conservative Government taxpayers will pay for the infrastructure and private companies will take home the profits.

Under a "good" Liberal Government the price of construction would be carried by those who need the water, not those who supply it.  Think here of our present electricity debacle!

Government's direction will be handled by private industry and paid for by the Alberta Taxpayers.

For those of  you in southern Alberta; the St. Mary's system and involved in the Western Irrigation District; Did you sign up for this?  Many of you were kicked off the board while others with cash were able to buy rock pile so they could claim adjoining property thereby being put on the board.

Mike Cardinal reworked the Western Irrigation board while he was selling off Crown Grazing Lands on the East Slope of the Rockies to the Agra Food Industry.  Rules of water ownership run First in Line, First in Time and these properties are where all of our ground water used for drinking originates!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Alberta Hooped by Obama!

The #Conservatives both Federal and Provincial are so strident in their views harbouring a near hatred for the US Democrats, in their arrogance and stupidity failed to make sufficient inroads to the present US Government to even get the courtesy of an advance notice.

While the #Conservatives were beating on #Republican doors in the US to put the Keystone pipeline in place, #Obama quietly inked a #deal with Mexico.

In this rather wonderful or awful deal depending on which end of the continent you are on Mexico can now #ship its heavy crude into the #Gulf refineries in quantity.  Disclosure of prices were not put forward.

In return #Obama allowed for the first time in US history for condensate to be exported.  In Mexico's deal the condensate will be imported and used to upgrade their crude to gasoline, diesel etc. for domestic use and for export.

This effectively kills the #Keystone pipeline project and the #Republicans didn't help at all.  There may be some traffic into Oklahoma and a trickle of product into the old smokers on the east coast of the US  I don't think there will be enough to pay for a Keystone! Its game over.  These accumulated screw ups amount to a total disaster that will hurt us all.

There will be layoffs across the board. Thousands!  This is why Prentice is rushing for a Spring Election, before the big layoffs hit.

These are the same guys that stole 700 billion plus from our Heritage Trust Fund.  These are the guys that didn't collect the royalty we were entitled to for so many years and what did it get us when the crunch came?   Nada! Nothing!  Lost revenues from this over the years would run above a Trillion dollars!

Then again there is the 30% discount on oil sales take off either BRENT or WTI whichever was the lowest.  This would work in the area of 2 trillion dollars that never hit our coffers to which we were entitled.

To change this and stop it from happening all over again in the water exports and the Electricity exports you have to vote.   Make the calls, find out if you are on the voters list.  If not get onto it and turn out to vote.

I want a strong leader and a future.  I don't want to loose my home.  I'm supporting the #Alberta Liberals; Raj Sherman and his team.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How long is this recession going to last?

Oil shipping countries around the world are leasing ships to store oil in.  Leases are running 1 to 2 years.  You could take that as a benchmark for time.

Alberta is part of this world community of oil producers.  They claim they are increasing production but, I doubt it really.  Oil they produce is going into rail cars which are subject to demurrage.  You have to ask "How long can the producers hold out with all this overhead and no market place for return cash"

The answer I think, lays in Prentice want for an early spring election!  I think oil has given him that long without massive layoffs. They do this to protect a Conservative Government and the outlandish benefits they get from that same Government.

They pay no royalty at all - the only place and government in the world that gives their oil away.
The Conservatives sell the oil at either the BRENT price or the WTI and it can change daily. They go with the one that pays the least!  And, for a kicker they discount the oil 30% going though the door.

More and more press releases are be paid for by the Government in  cash rather than free.  For this the "story" is published but no public input is allowed; no comments allowed!

If he wins a early spring election there will be layoffs enmasse!  A slaughterhouse as far as employment is concerned.  That is the reality we are working with.

I am going to continue to support the Alberta and Federal Liberals!  I want a future!  I don't want to loose my home.  I want a strong leader because strength is going to be required to break up the old boy's club set up over the years by the Conservatives.

There is much work to do.
We have to start getting a return for our resource!  We  have to get market price for our resource (presently discounted 30% per Canada's high Commissioner and computed in Canadian Funds not US$ as does the rest of the planet)

BC has started their Dam C.  This is the sump for the Weatherford project to move 2/3 of the Peace River south to the US  The Royal Bank and others have been given export permits already from the Harper Government.

If it is the Conservatives to put this project in, there will be nothing paid to us for the water exported. Like the oil. we will pay the bills for the build and collect nothing in royalty of any kind.

In the chaos coming people overextended in credit on homes and boys toys will loose it all.  There will be no buyers to pull them out  Katz will undoubtedly pick up properties.  Some things can be mitigated but not by the Conservatives.

Feel free to contact me if you have further question.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Canada Immigration-Conservative style.

Alberta's #Redford was taking heat for having so many #illegal immigrants working in the oil patch; #not paying taxes on either side of the border. They were put into these jobs by the oil companies who took #workers out of the depressed areas of #Oklahoma and #Texas, sticking them into jobs here, telling them to keep quiet about where they are from. Of course, this means they didn't have #EI coverage either.
On one hand the Conservatives put on a make work program for the oil patch which would allow a worker about 3 days work a week. This, in place of EI which they couldn't collect.
The program lasted 2 years and #Redford advised Albertans it had cost the taxpayers 6 billion dollars but didn't tell them why it was necessary.
#Alberta was broke so getting cash for the program, they reached into #AIMCO the so called arms length company that looked after #municipal and #Government #pensions.
At the same time she declared it had cost #Taxpayers *6 billion, AIMCO published their year end sheets. They declared a loss of *7 billion dollars explaining it was due to bad investments.
The #unions were made aware of this situation and #AUPE went after the Alberta Government for their money back into the *pensions. This met with *denials from the Government until court was threatened and a settlement was reached. How much? When? I don't know. Confidentiality rules supreme.
Still taking heat, Redford did a day trip to #Ottawa to talk with #Harper and #Kenny. The results of this trip were the #new immigration policy tailored to the needs of the #delinquent oil industry and put in effect across Canada.
If an #illegal was employed the employer could sign the #citizenship application and it would mean instant Canadian Citizenship. If a new #immigrant prospect had opportunity of a job; they could pick up #citizenship papers at the Canadian Airport and take it to their #prospective employer who in turn would sign it for instant Canadian citizenship. #No limits were placed on the number of employees or prospective employees. #No back ground checks or vetting of any kind was done.
A #TV interview took place in #McMurray where drugs remain a big problem and suggested the Russian Mob as being behind it. The interview took place with a Roofing Contractor who said he has brought more than a dozen people in to work for him and, they had since left to work elsewhere; he didn't know where; people move around.
Now we have the #police bouncing #Mexican Gangs in Canada. You can bet #organized crime being *organized took advantage of this #immigration chute put in place by Kenny and the Federal Conservative to help their Sister in Alberta.
I will be supporting the #Alberta Liberals. I want a future. I will put my lot in with Raj Sherman and his team. I want an #honest leader and a representative party.
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