Sunday, June 01, 2008

Alberta Electricity continues to be challenged.

We are meeting with Alberta Electric Systems Operator now to discuss some options. There are options available to satisfy both the industry and the public. However, we are at odds with EPCOR, TransAlta, and AltaLink if they try to make the public pay for an export line that will only raise our electricity rates and does not provide any additional electricity to Albertans. It is time we worked towards a solution,”

The conservatives through still another sustained lie, told Albertans they would take control of the power lines so that all schools could enjoy fancy computer rooms. This was early after the relatively honest Government of Peter Laugheed so, it was taken at its word.

After they had control of all the lines the story was hammered home "Albertans have always paid for their own power lines"

With these pieces in place they sold the power lines through power purchase agreements. The acronym for these was the "PPA's"

These PPA's ended up in the hands of the choice few after someone made millions flipping the PPA before they got into the correct hands; the major cities.

Because this Government opens all of the bids in secret and no one every knows who bid or who the top bid really was, we have no knowledge of who they handed the original PPAs to. In other words, who they decided was to get very rich in a hurry.

All the pieces in place now and more than enough power lines and generation to look after the citizens of Alberta the power companies look for export markets to other parts of Canada and and the coveted USA. The latter are going to be short a very huge amount of electrical generation starting this summer.

Alberta residences are set up presently to pay for all the line costs that is associated with the export market.

That, is what the people are fighting!

John Clark
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