Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alberta Conservatives- Take the money and run!

Alberta is getting robbed
Alberta is giving our resource away at 19% royalty, less that 1/2 the amount the lowest paying country in the world collects! This Government has plundered the so called Heritage Savings and Trust Fund to a point it is void of any appreciation and now undergoing privatization.

Take the money and run! To hell with the future, we will move on is the philosophy of the ruling Alberta Conservatives.

Alberta's oil sands are the largest-known reserve of oil in the world
There are two trillion barrels of oil there, with some estimates judging the reserve at closer to three trillion barrels.
Global oil exploration companies have witnessed an exodus of workers to Canada for higher salaries .
From India, roughly about 400 workers have put in their papers after getting solid offers from companies working in Canada.
US downstream companies are expanding their capacity to process the extra-heavy sour crude from oil sands.

More than two-thirds of the expansion of US refining capacity is being tailored to handle the sand crude oil from Alberta.

A recent study by US environmentalists estimates that the tar sands capacity in the US will increase by 1.9 million barrels a day, while the cleaner conventional oil refining will decrease by about 300,000 barrels a day

John Clark
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