Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conservatives to Improve Pensions?

CD Howe has in an unusual statement endorsed a secondary pension fund to protect the army of workers in Canada who do not have pensions other than the CPP which is in itself very inadequate for a stand alone retirement vehicle.

The point here is that CD Howe Institute would not come up with an idea like this unless Harper’s crew already had it tooled for an election platform!

There is no reason to make a separate “only for the destitute” pension. There is however a great need to bring the Canada Pension Fund up to a point it can be a functioning income for people; all people. This will take an increase in the fund yes, but as CD Howe point out it is necessary.

The Liberals on the other hand are mired down in a Carbon Tax that will unfairly penalize this same group of people for the size of their houses. 300 square feet per person is simply not adequate.

The Liberals are not suspect when the right wing news papers are shouting their success in coming up with this plan. As with the US Democrats one only has to wait around until these guys self destruct.
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