Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More pressure on Gasoline supplies!

Refinery vapour base (what gasoline is made from) is going to be moved into Alberta for use in extracting crude out of the tar sands. The now polished crude along with the saturated dilutant will be shipped from Hardisy AB to Superior Wisconsin for refining. Over producing the tar sands leave us in the positon of digging the stuff. We remain hewers of woodand haulers of water. This "dilutant" could arguably be made into gasoline.

One has to wonder how much of this the taxpayer is going to end up paying for. I can only go be the track record of this Government and say, all 5.3 billion dollars of it! The Conservatives don’t use and account system as such. Everything goes into “General Revenues” and is dispersed from there, attributing the expenditures to one Department or Another without those same departments knowing anything about it.

The Conservative way; Accounting by slush fund.

Process for recovering high quality oil from refinery waste emulsions
Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 5882506
An invention is disclosed whereby refinery waste emulsion streams such as API slop oils, desalter rag layer emulsions, mud pit sludges and the like having high viscosities and specific gravity approaching that of water can be treated for the recovery of processable oil values which had previously been unavailable by adding a sufficient amount of a light hydrocarbon diluent to the emulsion to lower its overall viscosity and to reduce the specific gravity of the oil phase to less than about 0.92. The diluted emulsions are subjected to flashing at emulsion-breaking conditions after which the oil is recovered from the various streams created in the flashing steps.

John Clark
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