Friday, June 13, 2008

Alberta Power needs being exploited by EPCOR and others.

EPCOR, one of the principals who want to export power to the USA is warning of a catastrophic power failure if the power lines between Calgary and Edmonton are not doubled immediately. These people are also leading the pack in power price increases by the invention of a number of “add on charges” to the power bills.

It is true the power lines are working at near capacity. It is also true the power could be managed by controlling current export.

EPCOR’s jaundiced view of our situation fails to inform the people of the time line for the power generation coming on at Brooks Alberta, South of Calgary. When that comes on line the power load between Edmonton and Calgary will drop by a full 50%, possibly more. This 50% slack in capacity is what EPCOR want along with a lot more, to export power on.

I think we should watch closely any attempts by EPCOR to make their predictions come true!

John Clark
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