Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Alberta Electricity and the cost of power lines.

We are told the new double power line down the centre of Alberta is going to cost 800 million of dollars. My guess would be closer to 1.6 billion.

However, using the 800 million dollar figure one has to wonder how long it will take to pay for this line.

Fortis are presently charging you 2.5157 cents per kwh plus .451 cents per day.

Using only the per kwh rate and a base of 9000 megawatts system in Alberta, that means Fortis will collect $226,413.00 per hour for the whole grid.

If .005 cent were allowed for a rate increase to pay for the 800 million dollar construction it would take only 7.4 days to pay for it in total! 1 week of one half cent increase in power bills will pay for this construction in total!

This is why I am insistent we have a construction rate that will come on to pay for the lines and drop off when they are paid.

If some one tells you that you will have to pay .01 cent more until the end of time to pay for the new power lines I would complain loudly!

Expect no help from the Conservatives. Like the oil they will gouge the hell out of the consumers in this province allowing record profits for the companies.

John Clark
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