Monday, June 02, 2008

Alberta Electricty dog and pony show-Transmission

The transmission lines between Genesee and Langdon are working at peak. Peak invites overload and leaves little room for flux or flex. A new power line is needed because this Government allowed it to fall into neglect as they did with all aspects of the infrastructure through the Klein years.

Now privatized they are prepared to put the big bucks in place. Under this scheme the big bucks will come directly from your pockets for years after the line is paid for. What is needed here is a cost analysis. How much will it cost and over what period of time. After that time will the construction fee(no such thing yet) come off our utility or will it remain on as still another escalated cost.

Consider power lines are built in this province on a cost plus 15% for profit basis. There is no tender as such and the system does not encourage any one to control the costs. Only approximations are used. The rich get richer.

There was a working proposal put through to the Government where the cost of power lines would be put onto the generator source. Then, the charge would be put forward to the people who used the power. The large cost of lines would be put through to the exporter!

Stelmach said “No way is this going to happen.”
This is going to be built. New government agencies assure that!

If being built, the double tower high voltage would be the only choice. Single towers are not really considered; only there for the exercise. The double towers will be 20’ higher than and 3 times as wide as the single towers and from a technical stand point the best of all worlds.

When all this is in place and the populace goes back to sleep thinking Conservative is the best of all worlds, the 500 MW power plant at Brooks Alberta will be built and 95% of the power on these new towers will be for export, paid for by you on your utility bill.

John Clark
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