Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alberta uses clubs to silence protests.

Closure in this case equates to a physical beating of land owners!

Stelmach Government Uses Closure on Bill 46
Edmonton – The Stelmach government is using closure to choke off debate on its contentious
Bill 46, which takes away rights of landowners.

“This government has resorted to the most undemocratic means to ram through this
undemocratic piece of legislation,” says Alberta Liberal Opposition House Leader Laurie

“This is just another example of this government trampling on the rights of ordinary Albertans,”
says Blakeman. “When Ed Stelmach was chosen as Premier, he promised to be open and
accountable. This makes a mockery of his promise.”

Government House Leader David Hancock served notice in the Legislature that when Bill 46
returns to the House next Monday, debate will be limited to just one hour before the secondreading vote will be called.

The government is also expected to use House rules to limit debate during clause-by-clause
study in committee and on third and final reading.

Blakeman says the Alberta Liberal Opposition has had only four hours to debate the bill so far.
She says the government’s tactics could limit debate to only another five hours.

The government is proposing 22 amendments to the Bill. The Official Opposition has proposed
more than 40 amendments.

Per notes from Liberal Caucus

The protests were not about building power lines. The protests are about giving their land up to people to build power lines on to export electricity without fair renumeration to thoes people who own the land.

Even while this is going on, the Government is doubling the power capacity of the lines south of Calgary to the US border.

Conservatives lie when they say these lines are not for export of electricity!

Get out and vote this time and get rid of these crooks!

John Clark

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