Thursday, November 01, 2007

Alberta right wing parties appear to split the votes.

We have two new right wing parties showing up to win over the goose stepping hearts of Alberta.

The Alberta Alliance is further right wing than the present Blue Conservatives. They support all the Fraser Institute ideals of a fence around Alberta. These people in my mind represent the very worst kind of extreme there is. Private police forces, walk away from the Canada Pension Plan. A separate country if need be.

In brief they are a bunch of fundamentalists who want the power for themselves and, what ever harp they play or what ever drum they beat they will, to get that power.

The Wild Rose Party is another right wing goose stepping outfit. There is no such thing as social conservatives any more.

Both parties enjoy the support of the Stelmach Government. Anything that will split the vote is a good thing for them.

John Clark
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