Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Alberta royality review is a phony.

Alberta oil review charts need a careful read! This document is written so it can be represented as almost anything at a later date.

Oil Royality Rates comparison are taken in Canadian Dollars at a premium with the US dollar. When the Canadian dollar drops to .85 cents as it should be, these numbers will all drop 20% from where. They are.

For a realistic view of the numbers drop the projections down 2 lines!

If in his dealings with the oil companies he reverts to Canadian Dollars away from the USD as has been our standard we stand to loose billions, even on the short term.

When has this Government ever done anything for the population of this province? What they have done is enriched corporation without regard to the cost to individuals then, tell individuals they are getting a good deal not because of any reason but because they say so.

John Clark
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