Monday, November 19, 2007

To answer some questions

To answer some of the questions:

With the dollar at par with the US for the short term, any number of slight of hand graphs and ideas are available to the Government.

The Conventional Oil graph is in Canadian Funds. This is a first. You will recall conventional oil groups asking for “the same deal the tar sands are getting”. Stelmach has responded by putting their royalty into Canadian Dollars away from the traditional US which the contracts were originated on.

This means the money we will receive after the election is 25 – 30% less than the current when the Canadian Dollar moves back to where it should be, at about 85 cents US.

Stelmach will be able to say I published the figures etc.

The charts produced by the Government are chewing gum for the mind, totally out of contest from the reality such as it is. Not meant to be reconciled, only to cause speculation. . Straight line what if projections based on nothing.

Combined with the 19% they are presently charging because it is part of the giant concessions he has made to the oil companies.

The bottom line is you and I have absolutely no idea what the final figures are going to be. Look to the history. We will come up short again, very short.

Time to get an honest Government.

John Clark
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