Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alberta Electricty manipulated - again.

The Conservatives are up to their old games again. Destabilize by what ever means to give them the foundation for what ever change they propose.

Case in point:
It has been reported to the Calgary MLAs are talking about a series of on going brownouts in Alberta in the near future.

Appreciate brownouts don’t happen, they are caused. By accident, two generation stations may close at the same time for upgrade throwing the grid into a brownout condition.

The Conservatives know there is going to be brownouts they then know what to do to avoid them!

Why would these be deliberately triggered?

Their power line construction on the south corridor has been defeated by the public. They need this power line to export power.

By creating brownouts they will be in a position to make the case claiming it is because of the lack of power lines.

Fording Coal is nearly complete their environmental assessment for the building of a power generation plant near Brooks. This plant will be twice the size of Wabamum. The power it will generate will go to Calgary. It may well be complete by the time the power line is built.

AESO claim to have plans of reporting in place that will avoid any brownouts because of plant upgrades or maintenance. If this is true and the brownouts appear as predicted by the MLAs, I would say there is room for legal challenge for any costs accumulated because of a contrived power shortage.

If you have not watched the CBC production “Wise Guys in the Room” I would suggest you find a copy.

Brownouts will make a case for the power supply companies to raise your electrical rates even though their costs remain the same or are lower. They have no accountability unless you hold the city councils responsible and start lighting up their phones.

By the time this Government is trough, there will only be three or four industries in this province that are not servicing the oil patch. In addition to this the health care structure is organized for immediate sale or hand off.

If these guys don’t get out of office in a hurry the province will be owned outright by no more than a half dozen of their selected friends.

John Clark
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