Sunday, December 02, 2007

Alberta excesses are hurting!

Industry in Alberta is paying 22.00 plus packages for forklift and warehouses personnel. Interviews with some put forward a common thread “we don’t get much at 22.00!”

Office jobs are now at 18.50 per hour for the entry position with many options about working hours with a view to “do the job” as opposed to “watch the clock”

Other interesting comment is “A few years ago, people may fudge their resume in order to get a job at a company and, now it is the companies who are fudging their profiles and job descriptions to get people into their organization”

Alberta Consumer cost index is sitting solid at near 20% increase.

Isn’t Government mismanagement fun?

Copy from the Alberta Gazette.

The following data was used in the calculation:
Alberta Consumer
Price Index
Price Index
October-05 109.7 October-06 113.0
November-05 109.6 November-06 113.7
December-05 109.0 December-06 114.2
January-06 110.4 January-07 114.7
February-06 109.7 February-07 115.0
March-06 110.3 March-07 116.4
April-06 111.4 April-07 117.5
May-06 112.2 May-07 117.8
June-06 111.8 June-07 118.8
July-06 113.4 July-07 119.1
August-06 113.9 August-07 119.3
September-06 114.1 September-07 119.4
Summation (B) 1335.5 Summation (A) 1398.9
2005 basket, monthly (2002=100)

Note: Starting in May 2007 the monthly amount used by Statistics Canada
was rebased to reflect 2002=100 rather than the previous measure of

This rebasing did not change the overall percentage of 3.6%
used to calculate the 2007 amount, but some of the table values did change
and that change is reflected above.

John Clark
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