Monday, October 01, 2007

Alberta not alone in trying to get more revenue

Miguel Roda, the President of Bolivia took to the US airways this weekend. He is known for his move to increase Bolivia’s royalty rates. He defended his decision by saying he increased Bolivia's take on the gas royalties from 300 million dollars to over 2 billion dollars a year. There has to be a lot of happier people in Bolivia, not necessarily in Santa Cruz

The US oil companies are re doing their revenue outlooks in anticipation of a Democrat Majority this election. I haven’t heard of any of the Oil companies saying they are going to pull up stakes and move out of Texas.

ENCANA on the other hand is still in the position of threatening Alberta and Stelmach is going along with them. I suggest to both parties they examine their positions and consider the alternatives. I believe very sincerely this whole show is nothing but a show to appear as a hard fight to do nothing or too little.

The number put forward by the committee on Royalty rip off produced the absolute lowest possible figures that could be considered even remotely reasonable.
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