Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Energy Market Alberta is trying for

The US Federal Government is borrowing about $2 billions each day; North America, according to the ERO of the US Department of Energy, needs 141 gigawatts of new generation by 2016. That generation alone will cost between $310 billions and $395 billions. When you consider the need for corresponding transmission and corresponding distribution the totals are likely to range from $931 billions to $1.18 trillions.

There is critical shortage of materials to construct new generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Consequently the estimates of cost, given above, must be regarded as optimistic

This short fall of electricity is roughly 1000 times greater than the total present production of Alberta. My question is, why do the rate payers of this province have to pay for it on our utility bills? This industry can be self supporting.

John Clark
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