Monday, October 29, 2007

Alberta Oil reaches 94.00 per bbl

Oil reaches 94.00 per bbl US

Under present reduced conditions (19%) created by Stelmach
Alberta gets 17.86 cents
Oil companies take away 76.74

This will continue until 20.10 causing Alberta to loose over 50 billions of dollars.

Under the schedule as it was defined (25%)
Alberta would get 23.50
Oil companies take away 70.50

Under Stelmach’s BS 20% increase paid in “like funds” or bitumen Alberta will be taking home between 20. and 23 dollars after the bitumen is sold short to the up-graders.

Stelmach’s deal is no deal at all. If anything it further reducing Alberta’s share in the resources.

Eastern financial papers are saying “How much does Alberta Need” rather than saying “Alberta is entitled to”

John Clark
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