Saturday, October 13, 2007

Conservatives are covering their tracks!

Today a headline reads “Czar of Alberta Electrical Deregulation resigns” along with “conflict of interest cited” and “Minister can not make any other comments”

Also in another paper is an add for still another Conservative agency. This one is being called the AUC or Alberta Utility Commission which is to do away with the Alberta Energy Board.

A corner stone of the privatization plan of the above Czar was top break up Alberta’s generation capacity into blocks to be sold individually. These were known as “Power Purchase Agreements or, PPAs.

The power very much ended up with the two cities, Calgary and Edmonton. Enmax and Epcor. But, there as a number of less profitable generation facilities that were not picked up in the “public” auction. These I was advised were picked up by “The Power Corp” which you are more familiar with as being the group Mazankowsky belongs to.

This group is not known for bad decisions or welfare payouts to Government. One has to ask how much did the taxpayers pay them to pick up these worse than useless options?

Much troubling to me is the flipping or quick buys and sells of PPA for the sole purpose of pocketing a bunch of money. (Multi millions thought to have been absconded)

This was advertised as being “public” but like the park hand offs the opening of any such tenders was done behind closed doors and no word was given as to who all bid and what were the prices bid.

Once the initial sale was made by the Government it was out of their hands and the paper could be sold for what ever; gouging the electrical system. Money that should have been in the public tax fund was swiftly channeled into “friends” pockets.

There has been no public accounting of who bid and who got what.

What we do know is the majority of the electricity ended up with the cities which I think is what was planned from the onset.

So, if it was planned to end up like this, why were intermediate bids was needed for purposes other than lining some ones pockets?

Now it is a time for restructure, burn the evidence and, pull the resignation of the author of this scam.

Only the Attorney General can ask the RCMP to investigate.

One has to wonder what Conservatives in Alberta are proud of!

John Clark
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