Friday, September 28, 2007

Former Crown Corporation threatens Alberta. So much for Privitzation!

Stelmach and crew have joined with the oil companies in a theatrical production about royalties for which there will be no change when the wash is out. The responses from all concerned can be nothing other than staged performances.

Alberta: One time Alberta Crown Corporation Encana is making a lot of threats against Alberta. Going to totally trash us they say.

Well, this is the same company, once and Alberta Crown Corporation, that was privatized by this Government. Says a lot about the conservatives plans.

This is the same company who wants to build additional pipelines and ship our product to Chicago dodging all conversations that would have them say why and, being totally supported by Stelmach and crew.

Meanwhile Stelmach has cut royalties through tax brakes amounting to billions of dollars over the last few years. In brief he has determined Alberta is making enough. All increases in oil prices go to the oil companies.

Apart from this the cost of living has increased so high in this province people are leaving in droves. Soon enough it will all be owned by the oil and power companies.

I am writing this at a heated moment.

The History Channel pointed out last night that Hitler took over Germany when the NATZI
Party of the day took 25 percent vote. Once he had power he took Germany down the dark path we are all familiar with.

The Alberta Conservatives took over the Alberta Government last election with 22 percent of the eligible vote.

As in no other time in our history, Alberta has to get out and vote. We can make a difference.
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