Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Alberta Oil moving to Saskatchwan? Not!!

Lies and misdirection are the tools of power for the oil companies and the Conservative Government. We have lived through the last 15 years of wall to wall lies and misdirection so, why should we think differently now??

If the royalty guidelines of the committee are accepted the oil companies will still be paying the lowest royalties in the world. Are they going to move? Not a chance!

Crescent Point Energy has joined the ENRON choir in saber rattling and more overt threats by saying they are moving to Saskatchewan.

Both of these companies have been working in Saskatchewan over the past many years with an increasing involvement as time moves on.

Two things come into play. The first being there is a shortage of skilled labor in Saskatchewan as there is in Albert and the housing situation in Saskatchewan is only marginally better than it is in Alberta.

These companies will move forward on an increased involvement as has been their plans for years.

Saskatchewan royalties are higher than Alberta’s. This didn’t stop the companies from opening that area up. If Alberta accepts the 20% increase as the bottom line as any responsible Government would do, Saskatchewan would have to follow suite or, face an angry populace in an election.

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