Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alberta gauges for Slippery Eddies speach

It is time to put out some gauges for Slippery Eddies coming address to Albertans.

Alberta royalties for tar sands were set up as 25% of profits on completed oil projects.
Slipper Eddie has reduced these to just 19% over the past year.

In order to get back to the incredibly low rate of 25%, Slippery Eddie would say in his coming speech “We will increase our royalties by 30%” Such a deal!

If on the other hand, the recommended increase of 20% was applied to the take on the 25% it would increase Alberta Royalty to 30% for the final figure.

If, however the 20% was added to the present 25% that would give Alberta Treasury 45% for the royalty collected on the tar sands.

It is my bet that Slippery Eddie will not give you a final figure and will lowball the application of the numbers. IF HE HAS NO FINAL FIGURE YOU KNOW HE IS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH!

This is a provincial resource. When it is gone, there is no more! It is not renewable!

Here is a Government map on tar sands projects. What is notable is the amount of area dependent on so very little water. What is not shown is the huge amount of free natural gas burned up in the process.

“My decision will be in the interests of Albertans as it always is”

When has this Government ever had the interests of Albertans at heart?

Why is it that this Government asks for closed bids then, never publishes who bid or who the bids were awarded to? I call it theft!

Otherwise why do they have to seal court documents to cover their tracks?

Where was the interest in our well being when they legislated we should pay for all the power lines used to supply the oil sands and all the power lines which sole purpose is to export electricity to the USA?

Where was the interest when the Federal and Provincial Governments put millions into up grading camp grounds then sold them to their short list of friends for hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Where was the interest of Albertans when the state owned power lines were ripped away for us returning 1 cent on a dollar of value or less?

This crew has something on their minds but it is not to the benefit of this province!
John Clark
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