Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Conservative Game plan for survival and you alternatives

We have elections coming up in less than 2 years.  Investors are showing no interest in
Alberta's tar sands as evidenced by the extremely  low bids on the last land leases.

The Conservatives are spinning every little thing into a bigger, more promising picture that simply does not exist.  The new Tar Sands projects (India's will be announced shortly if the new west coast pipeline is a go.

They are hanging their hats on a rash of empty promises; out right lies in many cases.  They need to create 15 thousand jobs by the time the election is called.  And, not just any job but high paying oil jobs.  Most of the new workers finding shallow low paying jobs are foreigners.  Their earnings go home to families abroad it doesn't stay in Alberta!

The Wild Rose Party a twin to the Conservatives except for their more extreme ideas which involves dismantling Canada and isolating Alberta are like the Conservatives spinning stories of glory with no substance at all.

Any new projects started won't be in the construction stage for over 5  to 10 years! Long after they have tried to survive another election.

The Conservatives tried to steal 8 billion dollars in pension money from the largest union in Alberta. They played this close with AIMCo  who happened to declare a 7 billion dollar loss due to bad investments.  And, the Conservatives said it was lost money attributing their 6 billion dollar expenditure on a make work program for the oil patch as coming from taxpayers.

Canada's largest union said "keep your hands off our pensions" and threatened to sue the Government and Aimco.   The result was, the Conservatives did more of their slight of hand book keeping and now say there is a shortfall in pension funds of 8 billion dollars.  Which means taxpayers are on hooks for it which is as it should be!    Caught in a bald face lie and a case of outright thievery they finally relented.

The Conservative plans have not worked out at all.  Both federally and provincially they have proved to be utter and total failures.  Attached you will find some graphs put out by a Doctorate in Economics.  Which shows just how bad their failure is!

This does not include the 700 billion dollars ripped from the Heritage Trust fund and put into general revenues making the ridiculous 10% flat tax possible.

Yes, it is a good time for Harper and Redford to spend time aboard trying to look like they are doing business with countries who have nothing to answer.

On the other hand the Alberta Liberals have met point on point every problem thrown up and have produced realistic policy changes to set this province on a correct course!
Reduce funding to Private schools (now get the majority of funding as Conservatives press to do away with the public school system

Do away with the mega health board  that will curtail greatly the privatization of medicine in this province and secure the ever failing universal coverage.

Protect and properly market the petroleum and gas shipped from this province.

Rail?  Shipping oil by rail cost between 2.00 and 2.50 per barrel!  Shipping the same material by pipeline costs 1/5 of that amount!  Take control of the rate of expansion of the tar sands.

Get involved in tuition for Grads and students in general.

And there is much more.  Take the time to look at the Liberal agenda!

While you are at it consider the oil industry paid off the 700 thousand dollar debt accumulated by Mr. Taft.
The Liberals are so blessed by oil; you have nothing to fear there either!

You have nothing to fear as far as your jobs are concerned.  Typically at election time the Conservatives having no policies and a history of failure  will simply rant "jobs, Jobs and Jobs!"  Oil companies  will run adds for various professional and non professional positions but if you apply for those same positions you will be told nothing is going to happen for several years, just collecting names.

The Conservatives got a majority Government and the Wild Rose Nutters  because only 21 % of the people who could vote, voted.

There is talk recently about Norway's success.  And, a lot of Conservative BS surrounds that conversation. 

The facts are that Norway has a large segment of their population educated with University degrees.  Not so Alberta.   Because they are educated they turn out to vote. Turn out is over 70%  They keep their Government honest.

If just 1/4 of the protesters (who are living in Alberta) voted you could throw the Conservative trash out!

The NDP is simply a vote splitter now;  they have not put out a policy on anything.  Big move is "to come up the center"   When I asked them their views on shutting down the oil industry such as I have heard their answer  was "We cannot be responsible for what our members say!  Scary!

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