Friday, January 10, 2014

Devon AB Trails

Before walking we enjoy some wild life in our front yard.

:Loki in his winter coat investigates.
Town Trails even in this extreme snowfall are cleared.  That adds Quality of Life.
Snowshoeing has become popular in and around Devon!  Snowshoe enthusiasts keep trails open for family walks and adventure in the outdoors.
Devon Town trails are all designated "Dogs on Leash"  or "Lead" as some of us say. This is one of the many poop boxes for recovered efforts.  The other side of these containers has a small attachment for dog poop pickup bags.   Now, that is really quality of life!

There must be 30 km of walking trails around Devon.  I don't know the figure but have never run out of somewhere new to go!  And, kept beautifully! Thanks Town of Devon.

Think family outings as you view these pictures.  This is the start of the "Creek Trail" and is designated Dogs on Leash.  The pictures following are a progression down this trail.(one of several trails)
The ever active snowshoe people have broken trail in places that is hard to imagine!

Here, Loki is curious about a beaver slide trail going towards the creek.

This snowshoe trail is leading into the den area of the coyotes!  This person should have had some protests from the little guys.

 Loki is a breed called  "Giant Decker"  He loves the snow but hasn't got the hair for it.

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