Saturday, January 04, 2014

Conservatives are so deep in trouble Ruters News Service will not put up Critical posts.

The prices of oil are no less than great!  They can sell every drop they can produce.  We have pipelines to handle everything we are producing.  What we don't have is sufficient west coast connection to keep India happy thereby attracting their investment.  Redford isn't over there for the fishing!

China is in the same boat but have committed to a great extent.

The point is, Alberta collects zero for royalty.  The next lowest royalty is Montana stuck at 17% by the Republicans as they were leaving office.
Post not allowed by Ruters:
Ruters Story :
Zacks stock news reports that it costs 5 times more to ship rail than  it does pipeline. Let's follow that.
Zacks tell us Alberta is paying between 2.50 and 2.00 per bbl of oil to ship rail That means Alberta is paying .40 or .50 cents a barrel to ship by pipeline. They allowed Kinder Morgan to rip off the industry with higher pipeline charges on their new line.

The point is Alberta's revenue is looking hundreds of billions of dollars a year simply because Albertans are stuck on a Conservative vote which has done nothing but rob them blind  (Over 700 billion ripped from the heritage Trust fund and plopped into General Revenue to be spent in place of tax money; hence the 10% flat tax of which the general public pay 40% of the total!   There are some real eye openers here.  Get rid of the oil companies personal politics that is  Wild Rose and Conservatives.   Oil put up the cash to pull the Liberals out of debt.  That means they are oil friendly.   Take a look at Sherman's ideas as they roll out.

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