Friday, February 07, 2014

Fracking not out of Control Debate

The working word in the Calgary Herald  article is "not entirely right" obviously a hedge!

This stuff started with the Coal Bed Methane extractions a couple years ago. Obviously not counted in the article!  A series of holes are punched through the water aquifer into the sub strata where the gas is. Cementing should take place to seal the holes. However private investigations show the garbage from the sub strata in southern Alberta has migrated into the Water Aquifer for several miles!

The substrata garbage contains a lot of stuff some not identified. However, it also contains heavy metals notably arsenic and cyanide. Sure, in the Governments view a little of this stuff in your drinking water will make your hair grow nice and shiny but, not everyone agrees.

 Conservatives and Wild Rose are under pressure to import a bunch of workers. In the Conservative philosophy Alberta must survive on taxes alone. No revenue collected from royalty that is rightly ours; The little revenue from land leases which have dropped to their lowest in history may or may not be on the invitation of the Conservatives.  Recent complaints to the Feds about steel workers being laid off and replaced by foreign casual is only the tip of the iceberg!

Because Universities have been severely cut back in revenue the oil and business professionals are being brought in from around the world; not Alberta.  Kids still go to trade schools for quick bucks with the idea they can simply jump into university when they get the cash.  Nothing is further from the truth as the education they get is completely inadequate!  

That still is not enough to get the taxes needed to run the province so they open up the province for wholesale (very cheap or not returns) on industry as the push to rip resource out of the ground like there is no tomorrow.   The object isn't production so much as getting the employment numbers up, mostly foreign to get them or the WRP elected again (it doesn't matter to them!)

The revenue we are not collecting on oil and gas (hundreds of billions of dollars) does not stay in Alberta. It goes to the parent companies in the US and abroad. Collecting such revenues will not affect employment!

Albertans' have to give their head a shake and get off this Conservative-Wild Rose bandwagon that is a mindless; lazy position that is robbing you, your kids and grand kids of their rightful futures.  You are rapidly loosing  your public school system!

The shortage of revenue works in the Conservative favour! Now they can press harder for private schools, cut health care even further. The list goes on. There is not a Conservative Government in History that has produced a surplus!

The first thing Harper did in taking office is give away 75 million dollars in surplus funds to corporations on unnecessary tax breaks; none of which has shown up back into the economy!

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