Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Redford goes to India-Theater!

Redford's trip to India is all political theater; part of an even larger venue.

India was obliged to shut down much of its nuclear electrical generation under pressure from the US. This left them with buckets of money which they loaded onto their power people telling them to get some petroleum generation going.

This crew came to Alberta begging to invest multi billions of dollars into the oil sands. 1 Condition; must have pipeline access guaranteed to west coast shipping.

Harper rigged the rules for the hearings. Consequently all environmentalists were knocked out of the conversation. They are doing the same thing on Kinder Morgan in the BC hearings.

Now we have Premier Redford in India on an extended stay under the pretense she is shopping when in reality she is telling them the fix is in the pipeline is a go! 

Her stay is extended; she is nowhere in sight for the shake down of the horrible record of kids who died while in Government care. She's nowhere in sight although the time covers her political tenure.  As Attorney General for many of these years involving deaths, Redford would have immediate and imminent knowledge and had every opportunity to change the system but chose to control the flow of information to its maximum.

Redford took office as Minister of Justice and Attorney General on March 12, 2008 to the end of Stelmach Government for those of  you who want to keep score.

This is part of the reason for her extended stay in India! 

This Government like no other is about self gratification, theater and their own personal rewards! 

The cost of shipping by rail is 10 to 15 dollar per barrel and the cost of shipping pipeline is 1/5th of that.
One doesn't have to be an accountant to follow the dots!

Christie is pushing it all onto the fed when in reality she is part of the original conception. 

Appropriate links can be found here The cost of shipping by rail is 10 to15 dollar per barrel and the cost of shipping pipeline is 1/5th of that.  Rail is a temporary shipping method until such time as the Pipeline is moving oil.

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