Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When your Boss (Premier) is a liar.

When Your Boss is a Liar:

Mark SwartzQuestion: I'm at my wit's end about a problem at work. I discovered last year that my boss had personally changed the results of an expensive market research study our firm had paid for. In doing so, she ended up costing the company a ton of money because the original research results said that we shouldn't launch the new product. We did anyway, and our department is now in the dog house. I feel my job may therefore be in jeopardy. Should I go over her head and report her actions so at least upper management knows it wasn't my fault? I've since caught my boss in several other lies. I love my job here and the money's good, so what do I do? "This is a direct quote from the Workopolist web site."
John Clark
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