Friday, April 25, 2008

Alberta royalty an outright lie!

Alberta's Energy Minister has a job that is guaged on how well he can stall and delay changes, not how well he can help build this province. Billions of dollars are lost to this province every month due to the unchanged oil royalty scheme. Worse, Mr. Stelmach has said there may well be no changes at all to the Royalty scheme.

Mr. Knight refuses to answer the questions on the current rate of royalty charged. The Journal reported the royalty being reduced to 19% and Mr. Knight is still talking agreed rates of 25%.

At no point will he clearly state what the current rate of royalty being charged is and our all but useless opposition will not ask that question!

Certainly the Liberals are pandering to the Oil Companies; they are 750 Million dollars in debt. Where else are they going to get that kind of cash after two frittered away elections?

The stock market correctly identifies the Conservaives as being a lying deceitful bunch and as I pointed out prior to the election there is nothing in Stelmach's package for Alberta!

The stock market reports energy stocks a good deal: "There may be no urgency to act as long as oil and gas prices appreciate. In fact, we think there is a cause and effect between untrustworthy government and commodity price. "

John Clark
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