Monday, April 21, 2008

Alberta Electricity is good to Electrical Business.

Alberta's high cost electricity is makes it impossible to bring on new industry and nearly impossible for consumers in Alberta to pay their power bills.

There is no protection for consumers from the Alberta Utilities boards.

What is a fair return?

Transalta Utilities have announced a 75 million dollar upgrade to the Sundance Generating Station. This will increase electricity production by 53 megawatts of power.

The numbers:
53 megawatts = 53,000 kw per hour.
Market for electricity is .07 per kwh.
When producing the new 53 megawatt will return $3710.00 per hour at .07 per kwh.

This expenditure will be paid for in 2.3 years. From that time on it is clear profit!

Wouldn't you like to start a business that will be paid for in less than 3 years?
John Clark
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