Friday, April 11, 2008

Alberta Royalty lies are laid bare.

Royalty lies lay bare!
It is as I predicted before the election. There is nothing in this royalty regime for Albertans!

I read the original proposal with dismay. The increases as such were no increase at all but a means to shuttle crude from one account to another while subsidizing the oil up-grader scam.

Certainly the Conservatives knew they could not subsidize the up-graders as it would be against the rules of NAFTA. With Harper set to re- negotiate the NAFTA and the US hungry for tar sands crude, this may well change.

When Mel Knight says there will be no changes for 5 years he is saying they are willing to fight the royalty fight again in the next election. Why not? With a worse than useless Liberal opposition and the NDP solidly on their side, they did famous. All Stelmach had to do was parrot “We have a plan” without divulging it lay in the further privatization of Alberta’s Heritage, Schools, Water and trust funds.

It is also very important to notice that Mr. Knight does not state publicly or publish what exactly is being paid for royalties now. Amongst the field of lies and misdirection this Government lays down, keeping mind the reduction in royalty from 25% to 19% and he is saying no changes for 5 years!

I have said before and will say again “It is hard to distinguish this Government from Organized Crime”

John Clark
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