Monday, April 14, 2008

Conservatives position for Bulk Water Export

The Conservatives want to Export bulk water!

Do you trust them to negotiate a new NAFTA?

The Conservative party of Canada appeared before the Privy Council to make the case that water exports were included in the present NAFTA agreement. They were defeated but said they would pursue this through the courts if needed.

The Conservative policies are set by large by the Fraser Institute and the CD Howe Institute. Both of these organizations have U S citizens and industry as a large segment of their membership.

I have come to think of these organizations as being the shadow government for the ruling Conservatives.

The articles outline Harper’s plan to talk to the provinces getting them to lobby for the agreement. With the Conservatives in charge in Alberta and Saskatchewan there will be no resistance to the privatization and export of our fresh water.

Do you really want to keep the Federal Conservatives in power for this exercise?
A must read

John Clark

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