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Reducing to 6kbs is lower than any industry in Canada or the US. Shaw are obviously protecting their cable PPV business.
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With the popularity of the Internet having grown so quickly, the challenge faced by all ISP's is upgrading the network fast enough to keep up with bandwidth needs. Since 2002, Shaw has increased bandwidth guidelines ten-fold. This has been possible only with continual upgrades to the network infrastructure. These upgrades are still being done continuously, but can only be done as quickie as manpower and operating budgets allow.

We recognize that there is the ability to transfer hundreds of Gigabytes of data in a relatively short time, but the current network could not provide this type of service without seriously impacting the speeds of most users.

Much as many of our cities find that the roadways are overcrowded, and are constantly trying to expand their infrastructure to keep up with the demand, so is the case for ISP's. In five years, we have expanded from 770,000 Internet customers to 1,500,000, almost double. We have also seen an extremely rapid growth in Digital Television customers (more than doubled). As well as needing continual upgrades to support these customers, there is also the task of upgrading areas where cabling is simply old and beginning to deteriorate.

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