Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Enron-Smart Guys in the Room

Those of you who seen this program running Tuesday evening, you will have noticed the extreme similarities between the Enron scam and the rolling black/brownouts in Edmonton.

The Enron program detailed how the Traders coerced generation facilities into shutting down their plants; get inventive was the word.

Rather than the Enron board we have the elected officials of the City of Edmonton; the number of people whose identification is closely guarded by the Alberta Government and of course the Power Corp who own PPAs. These would be the equivalent of the Enron Board of directors.

We are up to our armpits in sleaze in this province thanks to the Conservatives.
I think it may help if you can contact your city elected member and your MLA and ask them just what in the hell do they think they are up to.

Don’t accept “oversights” or “untimely mishaps” or any other such mundane excuse.

It is time to do away with deregulation!

John Clark
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