Friday, August 04, 2006

Ralph fixing it so no one can make it right. Not!

The Journalism in this province is getting better and better! Friday August 7th Edmonton Sun, Page 7 Author Darcy Benton, Legislature Bureau. (Link will be posted when one becomes available)

This is a response to the Parkland Institute who has pointed out that the new oil sands projects will all but destroy this province. There is not sufficient gas nor water nor infrastructure to support the sales. Some wonder if there is enough money in this province to pay the advanced charges for living as the rush to grab freebies pushes the wages and rents off the map.

Mr. Klein leaving the podium at the last election debate said “I will fix things in this province so none of you guys will be able to change it.” I would hope this statement is enough that a court will view these changes as a mad man’s action and void a number of the lucrative contacts he has given out.

In point Ralph says “The Pembina Institute should keep heir noses out of anyone’s business, especially businesses that want to take risks,”

As far as a plan, he says “To have a long-range plan would be an interventionist kind of policy which says you either allow them or you don’t allow (to proceed). The last thing we want to be is an interventionist government."

No shit Sherlock!

He's a great one for labels.

What risks are the oil companies and power companies taking?

Their arrangement with the Conservative Government is all based on a cost plus operation.

They get a free ride on taxation.

They can spend what ever they want, on what ever they want and charge it off as a development cost. No one audits them!

Your money is sending them on extravagant vacations and buying them SUVs and sports cars.

What is left over after, Albertan’s get less than 1% regardless of what the price of oil is.

They get a free ride on natural gas it us who pay the premiums and go short.

The only risk they run is that a new party in provincial power will have a new judge in the court and that judge will say there is no common equity in these contracts therefore, they are void.

I hear nothing from any of the Conservative leaders to be that will change anything.

We need an election, tomorrow!

John Clark
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