Thursday, August 03, 2006

Independent review of power rip off does nothing!

Word out today of an independent chair to look into the obscene profiteering of the Electrical industry in this province. The guideline as stated: Only if they have broken rules will there be a problem.

We all know that the 50 million dollar profit shown by LP Energy for their Alberta trade met with Mr. Kleins approval. “The deregulation is working fine” was his response.

If this rip off can happen under our deregulation rules then, the rules are wrong!

The only way to change those rules is to get the Conservatives out of Government!

On another front a new Eco group to take care of Wabanum like mishaps. It should be noted the oil companies had all the men trained and all the equipment to mitigate the circumstance and they never came forward. It was perceived as being a CN problem.

You will note no oil companies were penalized for not showing up. No good Samaritan laws in that business.

Keep track of the costs on this one folks it promises to be a major!
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