Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Highway 19 a Klein personal disaster

Klein’s policies continue to kill people. In his mad rush to privatization he starved any number of infrastructure programs in the name of paying down the debt where in fact it was his normal plan of limiting funding to debilitate a service, and then privatize it as a means of “saving” us.

Highway 19 is one of these shelved projects. Now, with the employment at 110 percent of capacity and construction resources pinned to maximum, there are no men or equipment to do the highway. On top of that, the rates and costs are such that it may cost three times what it would have done, just 5 years ago.

Highway 19 is a symptom; a malady of a problem invented by Klein and, it promises to get worse as his attentions are spent in exploiting the tar sands in such a way that others who follow politically will face penalty if they try to fix the on going disasters.

Rogers, the Conservative rep for the area is trying hard to spin this as a battle for a spot in the construction tier.

John Clark
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