Monday, August 28, 2006

Fraser Institute + Klein

Have a lot of catching up to do folks!

Klein is moving on from a regular member to a special spokes man for the Fraser Institute. This works nicely for a comment on the dual citizenship hype of a few weeks ago and the press recently pointing to Harpers pandering to the US agenda.

The Fraser Institute is reported as being a right wing think tank. That it is. Many of its members are US citizens pushing US industry objectives. Many more of these members have dual citizenship being Canada/US. Opening communication across the border is easier when you all belong to the same club.

Mr. Harper, Mr. Manning; the ex Ontario premier are all members of this club and support their views. The softwood lumber deal is a made in Fraser Institute dream as is the Conservative policy.

The globalization spoke of by this group is a thin veil meant to cover Americanization and American colonization.

In this circle Klein slight of hand and outright lies and manipulation of budgets covering the privatization of Alberta resource moves him to Hero status.

I have been advised Alberta's senator-elect also hold dual US Canadian citizenship should any of you wonder about the agenda or direction of this crew.
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