Monday, July 31, 2006

Think a moment, then go get your money back.

Until the power scam was blown on this blog, the attention was being spun to the inconvenience of it all. Media around the province went along with that and, helped to propagate that line of thinking.

Until this blog put up the numbers, EPCOR was ready to pocket the money and run. The city of Edmonton and those councilors took the same tact! I have been told by Edmonton elected officials they do not want to go back to the regulated system. They privatized EPCOR and it is bringing back a good profit for the city, thank you.

In fact, every one in the chain was happy to pocket the windfall profits no matter how questionable the practice was. No money went out of the system! One department paying another and charging us. Do you hear of any of these crooks saying they will give the money back?

I think we have to look long and hard at our elected officials. All of them seem to be more than happy to pick our pockets given the opportunity!

Why can’t we have the RCMP investigate? Well, the RCMP cannot investigate unless the Attorney General of Alberta gives them the go ahead. You can be very sure the Conservatives would not give such an approval unless they were very sure of a favorable outcome ahead of time.

John Clark
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