Monday, February 20, 2012

Wild Rose Party. Funding and Program!

Wild Rose Party. Funding and Program!

Albertans must surly know the funding for Orman comes from the oil companies where as  the huge Funding for the Wild Rose party 2.1 million dollars is coming from vested interests, both the energy companies and the Mormon church who are not at all shy about these things.   Not only that but municipalities in Southern Alberta who are vested in Bulk Water Exports to the US are big contributors.    Of course this is not legal so nothing will be said until after elections at which point she will take the "divulge nothing" option and pay her 15.000 dollar fine.

Our royalty is zero;zilch; nada!  Our Heritage Trust which should have been far above 200 billion dollars is now sitting at 15 billion.  That in turn will be gone by 2014 where  Liepert expects a 5 billion dollar surplus off taxes alone having totally done away with Alberta Health Care and having sold off provincial hospitals to private companies and physician and health care consortium's.
Danielle Smith, Orman and the Wild Rose Party are completely on board with all of this. Example: When the Heritage Trust blossomed again, she said "Wild Rose will start a new account made up of  Taxpayer contributions!)  They too are not going to take any royalty for our oil.  On tar sands alone we are presently loosing 1.6 million dollars per day in revenue!

Pubic Pensions, still being sacked will be explained away  as needed adjustments, down by 50% or more!

The schools are on the verge of privatization having all but done away with the public school systems.

Universities will remain frozen in funding to 1986 levels.  Only our richest families will be able to attend.  Support for university at the high school level will depend on how much money you pay to attend a school that offers those specific courses.

You have just this one chance to change this province for the sake of your kids and your futures!

Support me in backing the Liberals.  The NDP are simply a protest vote and this is not the time to play around!
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