Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jobs; Jobs; Jobs! But, not many are real!

Newspapers all over Alberta and BC are pushing Help Wanted adds big time!   There were not this many adds when we were at our peak production periods.  And, we sure are not at peak production now.  Things are tough in Alberta.  Rather than tweak favorable horoscopes the industry is pushing a non existent job application program.  This is something they do every election time but this time, having been caught stealing pensions in their trust they have pulled out all the stops!  

BC is under heavy siege being indentifed with the Alberta Conservatives through PNWER

I don't want to rain on your parade but, these jobs just don't exist.  Perhaps some of them will in 4 or 5 years time regardless of Government but, not before!

If you read these job adds just a little closer, there is no indication of when the jobs will start.  They are written in a way you would assume near immediate but, it is not the case!

The ones that do project a time for hire are picking dates beyond the next election. Interviews will tell you, "if the present government is reelected" which is straight BS!  Alternative Governments would put much more coin in your dish!

There is no truth to the very great majority of adds! They are simply not looking after the population! They are however trying to buy votes; to put a positive spin on a provincial Government that is in trouble and will stop at nothing at all to get elected again!

If the Conservatives including WRP and BC Liberals don't get in this time there is a good chance we will move towards a royalty regime which is close to that of BC and Saskatchewan which is good for everyone; not just a few of the chosen.

 The Companies will loose the taxpayer portion of the royalty and that is big bucks between 32 and 64 million dollars a day!.

We are presently loosing 32 million dollars a day from tar sands alone!  If on the other hand they do get in because Albertan's don't vote, Saskatchewan will claim opposition and cut their royalty down.

I keep repeating Alberta is getting zero for royalty and the Conservatives are calling this ridiculous. The little exercise I put up is based on 100 dollar oil which with things going as they are will be up to 200.00 shortly.

They are lying to you!  Get a new Government in a share in a little prosperity!
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