Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conservatives tell Petroleum Association-Business as Usual after election!

Loose Lips Liepert addressed the Petroleum Group in Calgary saying if elected it will be business as usual and by 2014 we should have a 5 billion dollar surplus.

There is presently 15 billion dollars left in the Heritage Trust fund of the 200 billion or more that should have been in there!   By 2014 there will be nothing left! 
(There is no reference link: The Calgary Herald pulled the article from their news the moment I posted a comment to it!)

He talked sustainability fund again.  There is no such thing!  There is as outlined previously the public Pension funds which they were busted for robbing.  AIMCo who was to have been looking after these funds posted an 8 billion dollar loss while the rest of that industry in Canada posted at 3% gain.  If patterns hold, they will be drawing still more from the pension funds!

Next, that means any promises they make about changes are off the board!

It means any "surplus" will come through the cancellation of Alberta Health Care coverage and the privatization of the health industry! While make work programs for the oil industry will be funded from Pensions and Heritage trust.

It means the next few years are going to be the most miserable Albertans have ever lived through!

Wild Rose Party are fully on side with all of this!

On the other hand the Liberal Budget is non sensational, straight forward and very much on the mark. It protects our health care builds our needed pipelines and will without a doubt show Albertans a betterment of Lifestyle they could never have dreamed of under Conservative Governments.

Albertans must Vote to achieve this! The Conservatives got in with only 22% of the vote. That is because the people who wanted change did not take the time to vote!

This time do it!
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