Monday, February 20, 2012

Alberta Water, Power and Oil Support groups.

This story is the tip of the iceberg! The Conservatives separated generation from Transmission with the sale of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)

The higher profit agreements were picked up right away. Many of these purchases were resold or “flipped” within a week. Some reported to be flipped several times. Conservative insiders picked up a load of quick gold from this.

The not so profitable (gas generation) was picked up by the Parent Company of Great West Life (Mazankowski) who still owns them but with Natural Gas cheap these PPAs are worth a lot more.
At the end of this charade to jack up prices the cities ended up with most of the PPAs.

The battle for power generation continues.. Fording Coal owned large tracks of coal in Central Alberta. They wanted to build a generation plant there similar to Sundance at a factious name of Bow City Alberta. They were going to build their own power lines to Calgary and to Southern Alberta. This was in truth High River.

TransAlta along with the Cons moved to stop this. They went so far as to privately fund environmental groups active at that time who were protesting a coal generation plant.

Since that time, ENMAX is building a gas generated plant outside of Calgary. This hit a big fight by EPCOR, TransAlta and the Conservative Government as it would negate the argument that southern lines were needed for Calgary.

We have a similar thing happening now (using water analogy) Municipalities in Southern Alberta are slated to export bulk water to the US with private holdings pocketing the profits. Insiders hard at work… All the available water allotments are out now and being banked by oil companies who are poised to sell them to municipalities.

The Liberals said earlier they would draw all the water allotments back into the Crown and redistribute as to need. If there is to be water export, the profits would come into the provincial treasury rather than Conservative insiders.  Municipalities would not have to pay US import water prices for their service!

This same group of people are among the major contributors to the Wild Rose Party (2.1 million dollars) who are entirely on side with the Conservatives in all matters.  They have attracted all the Klein drop outs.

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