Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stelmach in carrot on a stick mode

Ed Stelmach is in carrot on a stick election mode.

Reduce health care premium is the new one.

Fix highways, general use highways before tar sands highway.
(Further involvement 3p arrangements for our systems)

Oil Royalty on tar sands, presently at 19% is to go up 20%.
Our agreement was for 25% and the target was 45%

Conventional oil getting big bucks for using CO2 injection as an environmental perk.
As I understand it, if the oil company uses this they get millions of dollars.

This, apparently without concern for the depth. If the co2 is used at a depth above 2500 feet it just leaks out back to the surface and does nothing for the environment. The only thing that will be lighter is taxpayer pockets.

Not talked about is their plans to fully privatize the water system through the use of pay as your go pipe lines.

All of these things to come to pass if we just elect them after a dozen years of lies cheats and misdirection.

This province is so screwed!

John Clark
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