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Alberta Water is Topped Out!

Calgary Harold Editorial December 3, 2007. Quote:

It had money, by the billions. It had successful partners and powerful politicians on side. And the Balzac project definitely had panache, including a grand horse racing track, Vegas-style slot parlor and southern Alberta’s biggest shopping complex. But for three agonizing years, the biggest development outside the oilsands was nearly sunk for lack of one essential ingredient water. In the first of a three-part report, the Herald examines how Alberta’s water supply is under pressure like nowhere else in Canada. Southern rivers are tapped out, while the great oilsands rush is poised to strain the province’s northern supply. A new money-for-water market is rapidly emerging. Former premier Peter Lougheed warns water will be a limiting factor to Alberta’s future growth, while famed water researcher David Schindler predicts, “There will be some water wars coming” But the clashes over Alberta’s water have already begun
End of quote

Alberta water shortage is out of control and very nearly beyond recovery!

Calgary has only surface water rights. That is, the rivers, both of which are glacier fed and those same glaciers are almost finished as are the rivers as far as drinking water is concerned. As flows slow, water becomes un-usable long before the rivers are dry.

The Viking Aquifer is the underground river that supplies most of Alberta with water. The conservatives in their march for privatizing everything and making sure the resources end up in the hands of their friends have long ago gave the water rights in Calgary to private concerns those being Calgary Malting, the old aquarium site and Dasani the old brewery site ( Now owned by Coca Cola courtesy of Klein when he was Calgary Mayor).

The Calgary Malting water rights are all from the Viking Aquifer and are greater in total than is the City of Calgary's surface rights! Dasani on the other hand at the "old Brewery site" has a greater allotment by double of that of the Calgary Malting Company!

If Calgary is not buying their water from these private companies now, they soon will be as the potable water life of those rivers is, as I have come to understand it, below 10 years! This is why the big rush for water meters in Calgary is on.

The Viking Aquifer originates on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains forming under the once famous open grazing lands.

Recently, Mike Cardinal as Minister sold off all the public grazing lands to the Agra Food industry for an undisclosed amount of money. As usual bids were asked on the properties and were opened in secret. We have no idea who bid, who received the property or who was pushed aside because they were not on the inner list of friends list.

I find it very troubling I cannot get answers as to whether the water rights were given with the property title or not. Water rules of “First in Line, First in Time” frankly scares me and Alberta’s future looks very bleak if this Government is allowed to continue. I can see no reason other than water rights for the sale of the long standing crown grazing lands at this time!

strong>But the clashes over Alberta's water have already begun.

Clashes continue Part II

Tapped out Oil

Big pay day for Conservative insiders (all four of them)

Very hard to distinguish this Government from Organzied Crime!

December 7-07 further stonewall by Mike Cardinal.

"Mr. Clark, we have no record of what lands wer sold in the eastern slope, unless you give us a specific legal description. If you want copies of the land titles you can go to land titles and request them if you have the specific land locations. Sorry I couldn't be of further assistance to you. Eveline Zuk

From: Lynda Ferguson Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 11:11 AMTo: Eveline ZukSubject: Crown Lands sold on eastern slope of rockies by Mr. Cardinal.
for follow up

Lynda Ferguson
Sustainable Resource Development Lands Division, Land Disposition Branch 5th floor, 9915-108 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2G8
Ph. 780, 427-3570, Fax 780, 427-1029 Direct line 780, 415-4658, Web-site: "

John Clark

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